A great song | Reviewer: zilti | 3/9/10

I just love this song, it has a great rhythm. I like the "Rooftop-Version" even more because of the stronger guitar rhythms.
Haha the words they're saying at the beginning really are funny: "Sweet loretta, she tought she was a cleaner, but she was a frying pan"
But I actually don't get what they want to say with the lyrics.

Great song | Reviewer: Shauna | 1/4/10

Read the lyrics and you have more evidence of the brilliant work of the Beatles. The only unfortunate thing is that John and Pauld get all the credit and there was a group of four all who worked together to create this tremendous output of music with lyrics that were simply sensational. Again the song is innovative and way before its time but the creators were the same innovative and before thier time therefore they created a new senasation in sound and lyrics combined to be the leaders in a social and political movement as well as in the artistic world.