Free as a Bird. | Reviewer: Jamie Turner | 6/22/09

I believe this is one of the Beatle's greatest peices.
As Lennon Sings about Being Free as a Bird.
It almost gives the listener the feeling he is singing from heaven and being "Free as a bird" is a metaphor for being free from life.
Truely an amazing melody.

A touching Song

Great memories | Reviewer: Jeremy Roland | 12/13/08

I remember I was in jr. high when this single came out in 1995. I had really only started listening to The Beatles within that year. When the anthologies came out is when I was cemented as a Beatles fan for life. I was always horrible at waking up at a decent time to get ready for school. I remember though waking up early alot of mornings and just listening to this song over and over. I don't think I could have formed any insight as to the meanings of the lyrics but there was something magical about it. There is a sad innocence to it that seems like Lennon is longing for an escape of sorts. I wish I could have lived in a time to see them live.

Beatle DNA!!!! | Reviewer: chuck paul | 12/5/08

This just confirms what I've always believed about the Beatles since Feb.9,1964.I've always thought each beatle WAS the entire group.That magic is in their DNA.They can't escape that style,even as soloists.This song is simply great...and a very respectful tip of the hat should go to George Martin for the superb job of putting it all together from Lennons' simple demo guitar/vocal.

fantastic | Reviewer: Alex Swerdlin | 9/8/07

I also cannot help but feel saddenned when I hear the song. It just captures the essence of life and the strive for freedom that soars through each and everyone of us. To me, it's the longing of it that makes this song so poignant.

Greatest Lennon Piece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

im so inspired by lennon. greatest songwriter ever. all the beatles were geniuses in the making.

Simply Wonderful... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

This is a beautiful song, but I can't help feeling a little sad when I hear it.
I love John.. what a great man.

The magic of The Beatles... | Reviewer: Danny De La Paz | 3/24/07

The last Lennon/McCartney collaboration, since REAL LOVE was written completely by John, FREE AS A BIRD is pure Lennon. With it's fluid laid back sleepy beat and all the delicious Beatlesque intricacies of it's production, FAAB offers yet another example of the magic of The Beatles. Pauls bass and vocals, Georges gently weeping guitar, and Ringo's signature drums sound as fresh as ever. Beautiful melody and lovely production.