Simply the best | Reviewer: Dave V | 11/12/14

Those fans who accepted The Beatles as a group should'nt be slaging off any particular member (i.e P.M.). We all agree that there has not really been a group to touch them since we lost John and more recently George. They were The Beatles, so this song is a tribute to all four of them and will forever remain so. The only other group that have stood the sands of time and can be compared with the Beatles as being way way ahead of their time is Queen. Lets not argue about who wrote which lyrics or music, just sit back and enjoy knowing that we at least had the opportunity to be living it at the time.

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/13

This is a great song; has to be one of the beatles' best.

Personally I think that Paul wrote the verses to describe what had happened to the band; "what ever happened to the life we once knew" sounds like he is saying what ever happened to John and the band being together.

Angel Wings | Reviewer: Bonnie | 4/27/13

Some have said the song is John singing in heaven. To me the sound of wings is John visiting earth in a time long ago getting
a bird's eye view of many of the people and places he knew in
life. I could not hold back the tears.

I recently got the Anthology DVDs and am just now seeing this
video for the first time. Whew.

A bit too late | Reviewer: Felipe | 4/5/13

Hi, to the reviewer that said that Paul claimed to write Golden Slumbers... you are lying !!! Paul always said he only put the music to an old lullaby he found, he couldn't read music so he had to re-invent the music. And the whatever happened to was on the original tape by John but the rest wasn't so Paul did write " that we once knew....". You have to love the Paul haters. Not that many around anymore (Thank God).

The best | Reviewer: Dan McCaughern | 1/11/13

I once played with a guy from the 60s called Craig Douglas, who once used the Eatles as a backing band like us. I felt privileged just to do this!
The Beatles were incredible. A meeting of possibilities that only happens in goodness knows when! The thing is - we all share in their friendship and love. Remember: it's only a fool who plays it cool. Remember that and relax and love!

all Lennon | Reviewer: Phil McCrea | 1/30/11

Although McCartney says he did, Lennon wrote the bridge also-on the Lost Lennon Tapes-you can find a separate song-"What ever happened to?"-PM can take credit for singing the bridge the first time-and playing the bass. GH sings 1/2 of the bridge the second time it comes up-and then-if it's him(not Paul) plays a very good guitar, similar to the guitar piece on the album version of Let it Be. So, they can credit this to the 4 Beatles and Yoko and Jeff Lynne-but McCartney had nothing to do with the writing. Just as he didn't write ANY of Golden Slumbers. I have the old English lullaby-on a 78-long before 69-with the same tune-that he says he wrote-and the same lyrics-sung by some female for a classroom set of records to use-maybe back in the 50's. Macca is full of it.

curious lyrics | Reviewer: John | 1/28/11

as i understand it (could be wrong) Lenon wrote the chorus to this and McCartney wrote what I guess you'd call the brigde. Problem is they don't seem to go together. Lenon seems to say that being with you is 'the NEXT BEST thing to be' free as a bird. But McCartney equates being with you as being free as a bird, so it doesn't seem like he was tracking with Lenon's thinking. At least that's the way i read it.

Just simply awesome | Reviewer: Tony | 9/15/10

The Beatles, what to say about the band who was about 35 years ahead of music history with all of their music and wonderful sounds they recorded, or made, back in the 60's. In 1980 Lennon was killed in N.Y.C. and never fully finished all of his songs. The 3 remaining Beatles thought they'd never play as a band again. However, on t.v. was going to be "The Beatles Anthology Part1". The remaining 3 Beatles thought about writing a new song but it was to hard without Lennon, so Yoko Ono (John's wife) let them pick 2 demos or songs that were Lennon's but were never finished, so for the first Anthology they chose "Free as a Bird" one of Lennon's earlier recordings. So the did and they came back together after about 20-25 years to write a song together. The song "Free as a Bird" is just great the music, the lyrics, and the singing was just unbelievable. It should have shot up straight to number 1 on the charts, and it was so close only reaching the number four spot. Not bad for a band that haven't been together for 25 years.

Free as a bird | Reviewer: Anna<3's Beatles | 9/9/10

Yoko let Paul,George,and Ringo pick 2 of John's unfinished songs and finish them they picked Free as a Bird and Real Love.I think they were the first new Beatles songs since they broke up.....The Beatles are awsome it's like they were fated to be together,i mean has anyone heard any other music that is as amazing as their music is. | Reviewer: Jay Abramson | 5/15/10

Always made me feel so free to love the Beatles.
I am 57 and grew up wearing a Beatles wig and a guitar made out of a shoe box when they were on Ed Sullivan. This song is really from John in heaven. They were the best and can't be dupilcated.

Reunions | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/31/09

What alot of younger people do not know about this song is that it was recorded long after the death of Lennon. in 1994, Yoko gave this demo song and real love to Paul and the others to finish for her dead husband, and in 1995, they finished the song and is now found on the first of the anthology trio. It really is a miracle how The Beatles can make a song with only 3 members present.

This song makes me sad | Reviewer: lulii ♥ | 10/22/09

well, i love this song; but everytime i listen to it makes me feel sad, kind of homesick. thinking that they recorded this a long time after the brake up .. and after johns dead they felts like having lennons with them while playing... this was before george died (soo saaad he was my fab.. and still is) so you can also listen to him and you feel both (john n george) alive T-T.... i'm always about to cry when i listen to it

... | Reviewer: Maria | 10/6/09

Does anyone feels something weird while listening and watching the videoo!!!???

is a strange feeling.!!
i just discovered the song because some one was saying that there are links that proves paul mc cartney is dead etc etc!!!

but i listened to the music and i loved it!!!

my favorite still all the lonely people..but this is a greeat song tooo!!

I love beatles | Reviewer: Emielou | 8/19/09

.."this song is very awsome!me and my mom love it very much,every day and night we always listen thier songs.and sometimes when I'm alone just listening to their songs,I feel complete...i just can't keep saying I LOVE BEATLES!"

As Good As It Gets! | Reviewer: Martyn | 7/6/09

The remaining Beatles got together with Lennon studio demo tapes to see if there was anything there. As You can tell Paul wrote the verse's he sang linking the Lennon lines.

It does sound like Lennons on a different spiritual plain and "Free as a Bird" just fits.