Great song | Reviewer: Vishal | 12/5/09

One of the best songs in the world. Even todays top bands cant write such songs. Thats why beatles were a gift to mankind. This song indeed takes you to your past memories if you ever had the experience of "dead love". Beatles forever...............

dan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/09

one of the best songs written, not just by the beatles, but ever. every line is so spot on in how you feel when the person you still love, and thought that they felt the same, turns round and says it's all over. none more so than the line 'and yet you don't believe her when she says her love is dead'.

Great song | Reviewer: Andy | 11/4/09

Really beautiful song, especially for that contradictory horn in middle of the most depressing verses about a dead love. I feel like loving my wife more and appreciating how much she loves me...Thanks to you Beatles

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/09

there isn't anything worse than having that person you thought loved you look straight into your eyes and make you realize that everything died, that the feeling is dead or never even existed, that for some reason he thought it was a great time to sweep you of your feet and then let you fall righ on the ground.

I love this song :') it really makes you feel a lot better!

So true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/08

Realizing that love is dead is a painful experience for whoever is still in love. Getting to accept that fact and stop inventing your projected love is also a challenge. I love this Beatles song (music and lyrics)and it is a great introduction to love cure. What would be the next song in that thread of thought... hopefully positive... Maybe - All you need is love!

That moment of realization! | Reviewer: Wally | 2/7/08

this song is so true about that moment you do relaize with some shock, horror and such sorrow that she has moved on. You ask yourself "how can this be". How can she be so strong to move on when I realize now that I need her SO much. Someone like myself , lucky enough to have a few relationships always remeber the one who got away and this song takes my thoughts right to her.

FANTASTIC song | Reviewer: Bill | 12/4/07

one of the best lyrics mccartney has ever written (especially the chorus "in her eyes..."- if you ever had more than one relationship in your life, you can relate to this song. The music is awesome too..

Getting dumped | Reviewer: Badjano | 11/8/07

It´s not just the end of a relationship, but getting dumped and all those thoughts you have about the person, from thinking she´s wrong and that it should have been right, to finally realising she does not need you anymore.

Says it all | Reviewer: Andrew Gaczol | 4/9/07

The best ever song about the end of a relationship, and the unrequited love that goes with it.