The Beatles: Rock's Shakespearian Savior | Reviewer: Terry Hall | 1/12/14

Like the Elizabethan Theater and Shakespeare, Rock and Roll likely will exist for several hundred years. But primarily because it was the original backdrop for the beauty , truth , and accuracy of the melodies and lyrics of the Beatles .

Emotional Beatles | Reviewer: Liz | 12/16/13

To my mind, this the best Beatles song ever. It's full of emotion with words that strike at the heart, especially when you've personally experienced losing the person you've truly loved. It never fails to reduce me to tears when I hear it; it's so beautiful.

deep regrets | Reviewer: michael | 12/5/13

at a recent car boot sale I sold the beatles album, love songs, still suffering from a hangover from the night before for 50p.deeply regretting it ever since for no one,shes leaving home in my life, yesterday the long and winding road brilliant lyrics fifty years later

Sad song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/13

This is truly a sad song, and a masterpiece. If I would change anything about it, I would change the lyrics slightly to "Your day breaks, your HEART aches" when the line is repeated the second time.

Why such a sad song | Reviewer: fredpickles | 9/9/13

Everyone over 21 has been through relationships that ended because of infidelity or fighting or whatever. But the saddest a person can feel is when the person you love no longer has feelings for you. It hurts more than cheating or anything else they can do to you. McCartney caught that feeling perfectly in this song. I love this song so much but it sure makes me depressed. lol. And the classical instrumentation in it makes it that much better.

Beatles | Reviewer: fredpickles | 9/9/13

just to mention.. the next song on the album Revolver right after this is also a great heartbreaking song by George Harrison and features some of the most disturbing off notes and chords ever written. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

A love that should have lasted forever | Reviewer: Birthday Boy | 8/25/13

I have been a great fan of the Beatles all my life, but this song, these days, keeps me breathless....I keep reading the lyrics over and over again, in shock! The love of my youth, whom I met again some 18 months ago has at long last chosen for her husband, children and family. And although I respect that, I miss her more than ever...maybe, as I am also married with 3 children I should have taken the same decision. But I was too much in love,I simply couldn't.

I will never forget her and keep on thinking that maybe there's still a chance, somehere in the future. God only knows.

We were complementary in every way, it seemed the perfect relationship...A love that should have lasted years........

it hits home sometimes | Reviewer: Bill R. | 1/20/13

This may be the most poignant song the Beatles ever recorded. It is sad, melancholy and beautiful at the same time. And it has such meaning for us who have been in the situation presented in the song. I have been there more than once.

the more life passes by the more meaning it gets | Reviewer: romano | 10/22/12

when I used to listen to this song in my teens, I considered it just another Beatles song, maybe not a real hit. But as time passes by and scares of life are carved on soul, I get what does it mean "And in her eyes you see nothing, No sign of love behind her tears, Cried for no one, A love that should have lasted years.." and I can see myself both in him and her as well, not knowing what is the worst place..
it's incredible someone wrote it in his

Cried for noone because nobody would bother hearing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/12

this song always reminded my ex about his ex...hmmm shouldve saw the red flags way before he went out with her again... but I was so in love... I realize I was just a rebound.. Fuck that relationship, but it'll still be painful to remember, because he never loved me and I didnt believe myself when he loved her since the beginning...

wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/11

who ever said music had no meaning? this makes you want to move on because the other person already has. it makes you not at to remember all e good time, but the reason you broke up in the first place. THANK YOU BEATLES!!!!

Heart wrenching | Reviewer: peters | 2/1/11

A powerful and emotional song by the greatest band in the world. The words are so true when you lose a love that could have lasted forever. Stings you in the heart and takes one's breath away when she says its over and her love is dead. sigh.....

lots of meaning | Reviewer: jessi | 9/20/10

my friends ex boyfriend put the these lyrics on his status on facebook and thats when i was like "oh whats this?" i love this song. it has alota meaning and it makes me feel good bc i never liked her boyfriend

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

This song hit me like a ton of bricks. I lived my whole life not giving this band the credit they deserved. There aren't many bands that can hit the mark like they can, be it the big things or the little things. What I'm going through right now is spot on with the tone of this song and it helps to think that something like this wasn't written for the money or to pander to a crowd like most modern music. Thats what I believe at least.

Sullen | Reviewer: Aaron P-Iowa | 7/19/10

‎"Your day breaks, your mind aches.." Maybe one of rocks most melancholy songs of all time. To look into the eyes of the one you love and see an impassive, deadpanned stare; she no longer needs you. To only wonder what could have been.. The horns sound off in harmony, consistent with the mood of the song (observe Paul'...s feeble attempt of optimism after he feels "she no longer needs him": the horns indicate a slim possibility that love hasnt died; there is still a chance, right?) Much to his chagrin, it's all over... (horns dolefully wane with reality as the song sadly concludes.)