My memory of this song... | Reviewer: Adi Marie | 10/13/12

my childhood has this song written all over it! i was in 7th grade. that's when i first was introduced to The Beatles, (by my dad) and my friends and i were quite literally the most imaginative and creative (and crazy) group in the whole school. one day at lunch we created imaginary friends (for what reason we are still unaware) and mine was a small wind up monkey with a red baseball cap and cymbals. his name was Nate. and i kept him in my pocket until i needed him. soon after i found this song on the album and was like "woah! this song has a monkey in the title!" and i adopted it as "*Nate's theme song" (*my monkey) and i think of my lil' imaginary friend every time i hear this song!im nearly 20 yrs old now. haha. some things you just dont grow out of!

the deeper you go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/09

i read all the songs from white album were conceived under transcendental meditation. so if there is a spiritual interpretation to this particular song i think it's about the pureness of mind inside of a primate body (ME AND MAAAAH MONKEY!!) the 'come on' is realizing pure unfiltered awareness.

Such a joy | Reviewer: Bahjkaboo | 12/6/09

Under-appreciated song. I mean... no comments? Come on. Sadly I can't leave much of a deep comment. This song hasn't largely effected my life, except for the fact that it is one of my favorite Beatles creations. Great song for blasting and dancing. Blasting as in listening to loudly, not like... gun. Although it would probably be great for that, too. I wish to know where the origins of this song lie, but I'm afraid that even with possibility of this knowledge being obtained at the click of the mouse I will not do so, maybe later though. People always seem to think I'm lazy. I don't mind, I think they're crazy.