For What It's Worth | Reviewer: Wrangler | 4/8/14

Don't read too much into it. Three well-written verses you could make a movie from. As one poster wrote - it is simply a song reaching out to the lonely. We've all thought of ourselves as lonely at one time or another. McCartney at his heart-felt best.

as a dancer... | Reviewer: ELEANOR RIGBY-jks | 4/8/13

this is a very good song selection if you want to or are peforming a contampory or a modern expressive... I LOVE THIS SONG- just to put that out there, the beat thr rythym the way I move to this song as a dancer has opened my heart and I feel free and lost in movement when i hear this song it is so inspireing and i just love it to bits

Lonely even together | Reviewer: Ignacio Lozano | 2/24/13

Setting aside the melody which, in itself, is memorable, there're several paradoxes in the lyrics. Eleanor, woman; Father Mackenzie, man, and as much as they came together through weddings, they never reached each other out. Eleanor, loner; weddings, couples and friends, partying people, they never came to actually realized the existence of each other: only rice is left for Eleanor to dream of a man to get married with. Father Mackenzie, priest, loner, cast, doesn't realize Eleanor's search for a man, who perhaps was him. And he doesn't see her; only his socks and sermons captured his full attention. Sermons and socks that nobody cares about. Rice left on the floor for Eleanor to pick it up: a reminder of how foolish or unimportant weedings are. They, after all, may not bring people together, but only for a moment and the moment's gone. Rice is left as a reminder... By the way, there's an impressive cover by a British, progressive, short-lived grup called Esperanto. I love that version.

The non-religous veiwpoint | Reviewer: CookieCream | 2/20/13

The beatles wrote some pretty secretive songs that you can interpret in many different ways. No one of them is wrong.
I think, it is about two lonely people. Eleanor was waiting for someone she could love, but she never did, she just waited and spent all of her life waiting for someone who would never come, and died alone. Father McKenzie, was alone aswell. He had a religion that possibly no-one else belived in. They lost faith, but he kept writing and waiting passing the time with his socks.
Some people delve too deep into these things.
Long live the beatles <3

Review of E Rigby | Reviewer: JJ | 2/11/13

Eleanor Rigby is one of The Beatles best songs. It speaks of the sadness of "all the lonely people". The Beatles are questioning why people choose to be lonely for clearly Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie have chosen to live this way. What good is writing a sermon if no one hears it? Why to you care about how your socks look when nobody sees them? Dreaming by the window of finding love is hopeless if you never dare to take an active part in life. The Beatles indict loneliness. They tell us that wasting life away in solitary and unhappiness may be the biggest sin of all. Not even a priest can save the soul of someone who has wasted their life away ("No one was saved"). In "Wednesday Morning" The Beatles celebrate the decision of the girl who breaks free of her loneliness ("silently turning the back door key, stepping outside she is free") ("She's leaving home after living alone for so many years). Interesting that The Beatles chose the church as the background for Eleanor Rigby. Lennon had ongoing battles with the church. His lifestyle and preachings were not of their approval and in "imagine", Lennon sings of a more perfect world without the concept of religion or heaven and hell. Isn't his indictment of all the lonely people an indictment of those who choose religion and its' restricted life over a life of happiness, fun and love?

Degrees of Separation | Reviewer: The Watcher | 2/13/13

The question of Father McKenzie and Eleanor being two people who missed each other is at the heart of this song.

All the lonely people are those who never meet the one person in life that would have completed their life circle.

There is someone for everyone it is often said. How tragic that sometimes people miss that someone. Either by never meeting that person, or not being with their true match.

You can be very lonely even inside a relationship with a person who is not your "real" mate. That's where all the lonely people come from. I loved this song even before exploring the lyrics.
The melody is haunting.

I'm afraid of Americans | Reviewer: Clem Jody | 2/2/13

I guess mentioning a priest, even a fictional one, is all it takes to set off a theological Armageddon. It sounds as if some of my countrymen would jump at the chance to burn someone, anyone, at the stake. Sadly, even Jesus can't help them spell. Discussion point: if a person hasn't mastered his native language, can he or she think clearly? But back to John and Paul. Doesn't the song seem more nihilistic than Christian? "No-one was saved" means no-one is saved from death. Loneliness, old age, and death are simply facts, so common as to be almost invisible. It is the artist who makes them visible. "Eleanor Rigby" does not contain a message of uplift, of the Christian or any other type. Its spirit is closer to that of the Stoics: we all ride a fast train to an endless night. All we can do is endure.

"Jar by the door" | Reviewer: Aryii | 6/6/12

I actually think that "her face that she keeps in the jar by the door" means that she was showing an expression that she normally doesn't show -- hence it is kept in a jar. Maybe she was forcing herself to smile in the church ? Whatever the face, i think that is the meaning of the line . ^__^

hi | Reviewer: Beatles lover | 5/25/12

I LOVE THIS SONG. The first time I heard this song i cryed. I dont know exactly what it means. But for all those people who hate this song listen to it again and listen to the backround. Cant you hear the cellos, violas, and violins? I am a fellow celloist and i have been working my tail end off trying to learn this song. This song is one of the Beatles songs that will always be good. I just cant explain how this song touches me.

Non-religious interpretation | Reviewer: rach | 12/16/11

She's in a church, picking up rice from a wedding, and then looking out a window with a face "kept in a jar... who is it for?" it seems like she is waiting for someone, like that "special someone" who she could get married to - that is why she is lonely and she keeps that face for that person...
I also wouldn't be shocked, being that she spends much time in the church, that it is the Father McKenzie, who also is alone.
"No one was saved" - being that the song is about loneliness, it seems rational that no one was saved from their loneliness - Eleanor died lonely, and McKenzie lost his chance.

Religious Views? | Reviewer: Steven | 12/4/11

People have a belief in people/things, others do not, and there is nothing wrong with that. I on the other hand, will be ignoring the foolish arguments by raising the volume on The Beatles songs' I'm currently listening to. "Peace and love, folks.

The Meaning | Reviewer: Nova Kestrel | 9/3/11

I thought when he sings "No one Was saved" that John Lennon meant that nobody had been accepted into heaven, because he did not believe in God. If he had said "She was Saved", she wouldn't be lonely anymore. A lot of people have questioned the part where he sings the face in the jar part, they mean that she doesn't want people to know how she really feels. =)

Eleanor Rigby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/11

I love this song because it really talks about something that no one does. The lonely people. For lots of people, it's just the popular people that are thought of. This song is about the others. The misfits and the shy. :)

I think I understand... | Reviewer: Hd | 5/28/11

I am not a Christian. but I think I understand the meaning of this song, the creators wanted to say what he feels when they see people no longer care about each other due to a change, the maker of this song see people busy with their own condition was, they forget the relationship with fellow human beings, whereas the relationship with fellow human beings is a relationship that will link the man himself with his god.

things like that is not often we see major cities today? they are busy competing with each life, forgotten by family, the most severe and sometimes they think other people as enemies. that sometimes comes the term,

"he / she felt lonely among this crowd"
in other words in the song creation Lennon / McCartney is,
"I look at all the lonely people"

Learning | Reviewer: Kris | 5/22/11

To those who input an opinion below: This forum is to write our reviews about the song. Not a forum to discuss our Christian views. I, personally am a christian and I believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God. Not because of what the Bible has told me but because of the personal miracles in my life. Athiest, if you care to hear them, and hear truth in modern day terms, you can email me at I am not a pastor or minister, in fact, I don't even attend church anymore. But, I do believe in Jesus and God and I will tell you why if you are interested. Now, regarding the lyrics of Eleanor Rigby. I would seem to me that the song is saying that we are all alone because we shut people out and don't connect. We forget that we are all part of a universal family called the human race and so we close others out for whatever reason. Maybe to protect ourselves from being hurt, or maybe because we simply forget the older people. Reach out to those around you and you will find that we are not all alone.