Beatles Yeah ! | Reviewer: Emmet Brown | 10/22/14

Were they really 8 days a week in the 60's ? I dont understand the meaning of the song. I told my girl I love her 8 days a week and she said i'm a idiot ! What I do ?

Beatles Are Better than BEST | Reviewer: Indian | 3/7/13

Hey lightspeed shakespeare said whats in a name? Nothing is there the beatles u saying them candy ass bitches right??? Let me tell you one thing craps like you can only like shitty raps and cannot understand real music raps are also good but kind of language u used it shows what u hear so jst dont keep on saying this shit about idols of millions of people they changed the world which ur rap and metal can never ...

disagree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/12

lightspeed you have no idea what you are talking about, the beatles are timless classics and are one of the most important bands in history, there would be no rap or metal without them, they lead the way and there music is still huge, you have no idea what you are on about and need to get some taste in music, and im not an old fart im a teenager that loves and plays beatles music and will do for he rest of my life. As for the song its one of my favourites as it was the first beatles songs i learnt on the guitar and the second on the ukelele, fantastic artists.

F*** Beatles | Reviewer: LightSpeed | 2/25/12

Why are these candy ass bitches still relevant anymore? Face it, their fan base is a bunch of old farts that heard this crap when they were kids, and now 40-50 years later, they refuse to open up to any other genres of music like rap and metal. The only reason they are even remembered anymore is because of their name. They aren't famous because of their music! Neither are the surviving Beatles! The only reason the fecal matter that Paul McCartney has put out in the past decade (Memory almost Full, oceans kingdom,Kisses on the bottom) even sold a copy is because people still want to hear the aging voice of a washed up fad from four decades ago. I hope you see this from my perspective.

... | Reviewer: Sany | 12/27/11

This is THE BEST and AZAZING song from beatles! :) I'm currently on ther music, so, that in some people reutrned to the spirint of the 60's! Enter on this site, and you'll see what is it! :) But, I realy LOVE this song. their vocals... <3 There's nothing, I love The Beatles, and i grew up in Rock family! :)

Wedding Song | Reviewer: Yoyogirl | 3/29/11

One of my best friends asked me to sing this song at her wedding, with our musician friends as the band. I'm not professional but I do have some voice background - and I will sing it to the bride and groom with love in my heart. Can't wait!

pure, happy love! | Reviewer: jessica | 12/27/10

this is probably my favourite beatles song. i know they have plenty of other songs with more meaningful lyrics etc etc, but what i love about this song is its simplicity.
the majority of love songs have so many strings attatched - gutwrenching, unconditional love; depressing, unrequited love; fading and dying love; angry, sad, dirty, whatever love.. but i think what the beatles really hit with this one is pure, happy love, which is so rare to see in songs.
and as someone in a pure, happy, loving relationship with an incredibly beautiful girl (yes i am gay), i'm forever greatful to the beatles :)

words of truth | Reviewer: dawn | 5/9/10

I love this song!!!! I tell my husband this all of the time and finally got him to listen. I know this is sung to a woman but it is truely how I feel about him. The Beatles really knew what they were doing!! Too bad there are no good groups left ...

Love it! lol | Reviewer: Sam | 1/18/09

I love this song!
It makes me smile every time John says "Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
I ain't got nothin' but love girl"

Beatles For Sale is slowly becoming my favorite Beatles album...
The songs are so awesome.

8 days a week | Reviewer: Allison | 8/24/07

my first love would sing this to me and say little things inbettwen like, for example,
Love you ev'ry day girl,
Always on my mind.
him:its true, cant stop thinking about you ecx.

but ya wow this song brings back memories of me and him. kinda makes me sad. He meant a lot to me.

eight days a week a masterpeice | Reviewer: rihanna | 8/18/07

this is the best song in the world my dad always used to sing it to me sadly he's in a specail home as he is a alchoholic and is seriously mentally ill but this song always lifts my spirit the bouncy tune and the song sho's true effection to everyone around u that is specail, i may be only a mear girl of 12 but this song has revoluntioniesd my style and memories i will always behind its true song writer!