don't bother me | Reviewer: seijuro alaudi | 12/3/13

its very great song i'll always wake up 5am in the morning and tune in rj fm and listening breakfast with the beatles.. Its great! All beatles song but i hope that radio station makes long sched for beatles cause 5am-6am only it very short time

Love this song! | Reviewer: Anna | 7/29/11

I coincidentally finished the autobiography I, Me, Mine today, also. This is one of my favorite Beatles George songs and I'm so sad that he didn't like it. It was so good, especially for his first song! I also love It's All Too Much; it's such an underrated psychedelic freak-out!

Don't Bother Me :) | Reviewer: Han | 12/25/10

I have just yesterday finished George Harrison's autobiography I, Me, Mine and he wrote that don't bother me was a song that John and Paul had him write as a test to see weather or not he was capable of wrighting a song, also he was sick in bed when he wrote it, so don't bother me was the perfect title

Awesome lyrics awesome song | Reviewer: Arif | 12/7/08

I love The Beatles. They made awesome and great music. they are lyrically great since always.
"Dont Bother Me" is one of my very favourite Beatles song. I just keep listening to it all the time. the melody is superb.

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Nicholas Fiscella | 1/27/08

This song is one of the most popular songs The Beatles have ever sang, and it is also one of my favorites. In 1981, The Beatles put a poll on their website to see hat songs should be features on there "The Beatles Top 100" album. The ones with the most votes would be the first on the album, and declared the best Beatles songs ever. And Don't Bother Me was the third song (following, in first, I Feel Fine, and second, Tell Me Why). I love the guitar and the melody this song.