Doctor Robert | Reviewer: Chrissie | 8/27/13

This record was about an actual Doctor Robert who gave the Beatles any drug they wanted, if they were feeling rubbish he gave them something to pick them up, uppers and downers, this was in America where drugs were all over the place in the 60's.

May be Dr. Robert is what he seems to be | Reviewer: Yiannis Schizas, Greece | 3/7/13

Then, why dr. Robert is associated to the nationalized health system of UK ? Why anybody needs no money to see him ? Perhaps Dr. Robert is what the lyrics express, without any insinuation...

Dr Robert's tea cup | Reviewer: Jules | 1/25/13

This song is about a doctor (I think a dentist) who served the Beatles a "special" tea. The thing is that he did not tell them that he put some some sort of drug in the beverage. So they started feeling high and did not understand why.

A doctor the Beatles knew | Reviewer: The Snake | 11/15/11

I seem to recall Paul in an interview saying Dr Robert was based on an actual doctor they were introduced to who could get people pretty much anything they wanted if they were willing to pay his price. It later became a term for any doctor who would do this.

Doctor Robert = Dr Robert in Huxleys "Island" | Reviewer: The luke | 10/10/11

I think "doctor Robert" refers to the Dr Robert in Aldous Huxleys book "Island" (1962)

In the book Dr Robert gives the protagonist the psychoactive ingrediant of psilocybe mushrooms (magic mushrooms)which reveal one's inner self, hence the lyrics:

"take a drink from his special cup" and

"you're a new and better man,
He helps you to understand"

Dr Robert Is John | Reviewer: Mario | 9/16/10

On the Beatles Anthology they explained that Dr Robert was John Lennon. The song is autobiographical. The other Beatles called Lennon Dr Robert because he was the keeper of the drugs and doled them out to the rest of the band.

doctor bob? | Reviewer: billy balls | 10/3/09

i think this song is about bob dylan... anyone agree? didnt the beatles smoke weed with bob for the first time? "take a drink from his special cup" sounds like a reference, as does "you're feeling fine" in the context. not to mention john is singing this 2 songs before paul sings his ode to MJ... these are all assumptions, obviously, but it makes sense to me

Doctor Robert meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/09

John Lennon was writing about a fellow who slipped him and George and their wives some LSD
and didn't tell them until they were tripping.
They proceded to go to some clubs but didn't have a good trip. I believe he worked for the National Health, Doctor Robert.

dr. bob drug connections | Reviewer: jim newlyn | 8/18/09

I propose a definite link between this song and the drug laws in force in the UK at the time. Heroin (actually a trade name) was available on prescription in the '60's, and the names of GP's that were 'friendly' to the addicts were passed around . . . perhaps Dr. Robert was one - some-one more familiar with the scene may be able to fill in the blanks.