OH, well | Reviewer: kiara | 2/16/14

You all are trying to get what this song is about? Ask Lennon! How many times did he said that his songs are about what he was feeling at the time or just about something that rhymes well? Let the mistery be.

This guy below is talkig crap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/13

I do't know what the guy below is on but Dig A Pony is not about heroine. Paul McCartney has never used heroine. Paul was a coke addict for a while in the early 70's and Lennon had a hell of a battle with heroine. Lennon's Cold Turkey was released in 1969 which is before Dig A Pony in 1970. This guy thinks it was 6 YEARS after Dig A Pony was released. I think that answers this "Hollier than thou" persons response to being some sort of know-it-all. You know nothing

Getting high | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/13

Heroin was known as the horse in the 60's , he digs a pony, where you can penetrate any place , radiate everything you are, McCartney writes I've got a feeling on this album, his tribute to shooting up, about 6 years later Lennon writes cold turkey, that's about coming off the stuff

No nonsense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

Come on people, pay attention, the lyrics are about freedom and enpowerment: you can celebrate anything you want, you can penetrate any place you go, you can radiate everything you are, you can indicate everything you see.. You WILL do a lot, once you realise that YOU ACTUALLY CAN. John spent a lot of time speaking and writing about freedom and enpowerment. As much as I love nonsense, there's none of it in these lyrics

dig a pony | Reviewer: ejay | 9/9/11

i really dont give a toss about what who was then as we say its poetry been writen before my time as i can recall one of the beatles inter view with so guy from the tv midia inter viewing the fab way back in the 60's maybe 1964 here is john lennon playing mouth organ the song was in he making to my thoughs strawberrie fields for ever i just think john has wiered and funny taste in his muzik....its timeless also classic havey poprock

there is meaning | Reviewer: Adam L | 6/20/11

the meaning is that you can change anything you want in your life if you want to... you can indicate anything you want to anyone and penetrate any circle of friends... "everything has got to be just like you want it to!"... you can channel any thought to anyone and change anyones views if you really want!

@ Rand | Reviewer: Contra | 2/16/11

Why of course we can say there's no meaning. Just because human nature leads us to attach meaning to everything (where superstition, myth, and religion spawn from) doesn't mean everything really means something. Do you have to interpret the order of parked cars, the color of the book someone's reading, etc? How many times has an innocent action been misinterpreted as dangerous or implying something it's not?

I think if any of the verses are symbolic, all of the references are personal to Lennon, and he never wanted to share them with everyone. But I also think that, his songs being what they are, he just wanted to throw fun and fun together into something that was nice to hear. The original title wasn't actually "Dig A Pony"- they changed it to sound better when sung.

Dig a pony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/10

There is nothing nonsensical about these lyrics John didn't like being bothered about cryptic song meanings, but if you know John then the meanings become obvious:

You celebrate everything when you have a pony, yoko digs ponies.
Road hogs do penetrate anyplace you go, John likes motorcycles duh
Moon dog means one of them, not Johnny, radiate everything you are is their lives on tv for the world.
Roll a stoney is an obvious jab at mick jagger for imitating.
Feel the wind blow is a dylan reference who does indicate everything he sees (jab?)
Load a lorry and syndicate any boat you row is referring to putting a band together and selling it to the public.
Everything has got to be just like you want it to.. is a reference to how demanding and irritation yoko can be!

Well | Reviewer: Hen | 2/17/10

You guy's seem to be looking to deeply into it. So many Of John Lennon's songs were just a bunch of non sensical lyrics designed to screw with his critics/fans who tried to deeply interpret the lyrics (as seen in I am the Walrus.)

The only sensical lines in the play is the line "All I want is You", directed at Yoko Ono.

Do some research, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_a_Pony .

Hen signing out.

"Free as a bird" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

Everyone knowns that in poetry, like in any other kind of art, the meaning of the work can assume both to the intention of the artist and to the free interpretation of the one who estimates the work.
Please, just listen the song and love it like it is. That's the magic of John.

pd: I apologise for my weak english..

sometimes... | Reviewer: Robert | 10/22/09

even though it may seem like nonsense sometimes. This line was clearly pointed to Mick Jagger.

I roll a stoney
Well you can imitate everyone you know
Yes you can imitate everyone you know

John was famous for taking stabs at people who were pissing him off and then putting it into a song for good measure.

Clearly he saw that his good friend was starting to want to be a Beatle so much that he was imitating them.

in love | Reviewer: stephanie richelle | 10/19/09

this is my favorite song from the let it be album.
right next to let it be, this song means so much in so little phrases.
all beatles songs have meanings and its great that J.L. had enough confidence to write wtvr he wanted, knwing people would still bow down to their beautiful songs.
even if they were on drugs, the beatles were heros to everyonr because they sang of peace and love and fun, rather then sex and making money.
they loved life, made others love life.
they sang of real love, which the world needs more of.
the 60s and 70s was an amazing era that i know still affects people of today.
all you need is love.

I Dig A Pony | Reviewer: Christi Macaione | 8/3/09

John Lennon was famous for nonsensical lyrics. I Am The Walrus, Glass Onion, and I Dig A Pony to name a few. So many people were looking for hidden messages in their songs that he probably decided to give them something to talk about. He was such a genius.

MEANING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/09

.. come on guys... they were always on drugs lol, there is a meaning to some of the shit they write and some is just thrown together.. the purpose of songs to the rest of the world who doesnt create music is for them to make their own meaning.

Sillly | Reviewer: louis | 1/11/09

There is a meaning to the song, and the fact that most of the lyrics of the song don't make sense is part of the meaning. Most of the lyrics are nonsensical but the chorus breaks with the line all i want is you, so he is showing that it doesnt matter if nothing else makes sense as long as he has this person, who is obviously yoko ono anything makes sense. I'm 15 and even i can see this.