There can't be no meaning | Reviewer: Rand | 8/4/08

To me saying that it is a weird song or that is meant to screw with your head is attaching as much meaning to it as saying it taps into some physical/spiritual connection. I don't think human beings can come into contact with anything and not give it meaning, and if there is no real meaning in these words then you have to suspect that there is no real meaning anywhere.

hahaha | Reviewer: sade | 5/31/08

i agree with the lady underneath me.
john lennon, would go on interviews, and tell people, there were no meanings in a lot of the songs, they would just think of things that rhymed.
or sometimes, like in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, it had a very innocent background, like his niece, drew a picture, and when he asked what it was, she said "its lucy, in the sky with diamonds" the song is about what she told him.
but, this is just a case where they just wrote whatever the bloody hell they felt. :D i love it.

what the hell are you talking about? | Reviewer: Angel | 5/25/08

"...songs like this that, though abstract, dug into the physical and spiritual world, connection, what it means to be human."

Um... This is just a weird, WEIRD song. How are you finding meaning in these words? They're intentionally nonsensical, designed to screw with people. I Am The Walrus is the same. That was the beauty of the Beatles. They pretended to have meaning just to mess with people's minds.

I do wish people would quit finding meaning where there is none.

LIVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/08

I see where yuou guys are comming from by sayin it's a shame that people only post about the songs on across the universe. I believe it doesn't matter thats what music is supposed to do. and as an artist myself i feel that if you can get the point of your music or the emotion or feeling in any way to the person you've done a great.Every song means something different to someone and just because everyone knows a song doesn't make it meaningless. If anything im glad the people posted comments about all those popular songs and i hope it gets the involved in bthe beatles more

music is meant to be shared, loved, and meaningful. If it has done something for all these people to come comment about it i feel it's done its purpose.

The cool thing... | Reviewer: Brandy | 1/16/08

The great thing about the Beatles is that they were doing things in their time that no one else was doing. They were one of the first major pop groups from Britain to write their own music, which I think we take for granted a lot these days.

Dig A Pony is a great example!
Undoubtedly, they also grew in musical as well as lyrical depth and complexity the longer they were together. They went from poppy love songs to songs like this that, though abstract, dug into the physical and spiritual world, connection, what it means to be human.

Angela I couldnt agree more | Reviewer: Steve | 12/26/07

for sure it's a definite shame that there are alot Beatles songs out there that people dont listen to just because it wasnt in the movies or what ever. This has to be one of the best songs ever.But then again all of the beatles stuff is GREAT

Great song | Reviewer: Angela | 11/25/07

This is a great Beatles song. It's a shame that people only post comments for the songs from the movie "Across the Universe" and not for all the other great songs from The Beatles.