Beatles/ACTU movie | Reviewer: Tonya Gross | 10/7/10

I LOVE the Beatles there amazing,the ACTU movie was not a bad movie at least it opend peoples mind to who the bealtes were,a shame they could hear the original first. i think it was a good tribute and im glad they did it. but people shouldn't be so close minded about it either like i read in another comment. I honestly loved Dear "prudance" and "All you need is love" in the ACTU movie.Im glad they at least opend up some peoples eyes.

from an older perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/10


I was 11 when the Beatles came to America in Feb 1964. Some of you
are that age or a little older now. So from someone who was there
when it happened the first time I feel like kudos to those of you young
people who discovered the people before the movie, but don't put
those people down who became fans BECAUSE of the movie. It doesn't matter how you found the Beatles, you all realized that the Beatles were and are something special.


Opinions | Reviewer: hippiefreedom4200 | 6/14/10

ok,so, as a person let me say that everyone has their own opinions. Let me also state that I LOVED THE ACTU movie. The message rang clear and true and i don't understand how ANYONE could forget what the Beatles contributed to society and to the people. Their music is powerful, on albums or in the movie. I'm completely satisfied by the movie, and i sincerely hope that people will wake up and look around

Dear Prudence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/10

Of course the originals are better! But the movie was trippy and good experience on its own. If the Beatles made a movie, the visual effects and shady storyline would be that of Across the Universe, simply because of the insanity of their songs. I actually liked it. It isn't going to be on my favorites list, but it was a good movie that embraced the spirit of the Beatles and trippyness of the 60's and 70's.

To all the Haters... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/10

I love the movie, i have it. My girlfriend and I watch it and love it. The story may not be the greatest or the most original ever, still is good. The voices of the actors are great and i love how interpreted the songs, specialy Dear Prudence and All you Need is Love at the end. I've always been a Beatles Fan and i think of this movie like a tribute. Thanks!

something | Reviewer: Russ | 4/25/10

I that most Beatles fans get so upset about Across the Universe because it's actually not a very good movie. The storyline is dull and hokey at best. I wouldn't be so disgusted by the use of Beatles music if the movie was actually decent. As it stands, the only thing it has going for it is some remixes of Beatles tunes (which is a good gimmick, but severely lacking for a worthwhile piece of cinema). If you want to listen to Beatles music, do it from the albums, not from a bad movie.

Oh. | Reviewer: Lexi | 3/11/10

Oh shutup why don't y'all.
I absolutely adore The Beatles. I listen to their music all of the time, I do prefer the original recordings over the ACTU music. But ACTU has some wonderful recordings of the music as well. I find it petty that people come to be so very close minded about it.

movie | Reviewer: The Real Nowhere Man | 3/13/10

That movie across the universe is THE ABSOLUTE WORST beatles related movie ever. The songs sound like garbage and are nowhere near the level of the original recordings. You want a real beatles movie watch HELP! or A Hard Days Night not that across the universe trash.

just great | Reviewer: gaby | 2/8/10

i think that this movie shows a excellent interpretetion of the original songs, yes is so different but its great, i love the movie is one of my favorites, and the songs are so beautiful. some covers are so crap and this covers of this movie are excellet. i like oviously the original version because are the beatles and they was unic.

dear prudence | Reviewer: gaby | 2/8/10

i think that this movie shows a excellent interpretetion of the original songs, yes is so different but its great, i love the movie is one of my favorites, and the songs are so beautiful. some covers are so crap and this covers of this movie are excellet. i like oviously the original version because are the beatles and they was unic.

Music | Reviewer: Jamee Montoya | 12/16/09

I have not seen the whole movie but parts of it, one of them being this song. Pesonally I Just love the original. I am just not the kind to listen to cover bands and all that. I am not saying they are no good, just saying that they should just put out thier own music and things of that nature.

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/09

I was raised on the Beatles, and I love them, but "Across the Universe" was just an appalling film. It's what you get when you cross midlife-crisis Paul McCartney with Andrew Lloyd Webber cheese. You could go hear better Beatles covers at a karaoke bar.

Either listen to a Beatles record, or go see "Rent". It shouldn't go both ways.

Ahh! | Reviewer: Mandi | 11/12/09

Honestly, I'm 16 and I've grown up listening to the beatles. But of course I like the movie. If you don't like the way the movie displays the music then don't watch nor listen to it. It's not like someones making you. Listen to the version you like and leave everyone else to their opinion, goodness!

lol | Reviewer: Maeli | 10/1/09

I love it when people take things so seriously.... I have heard the original records from the Beatles..and I've recently seen the movie (I know it took me a while..=X)...but I think you should appreciate both styles. The original music is fantastic..but the movie versions are also beautiful. I think that the fact that ACTU opened up the eyes (well..ears) of our youth (which includes me) and introduced them to the Beatles. So what if it's a little different? Atleast everyone knows that this movie is totally based on the Beatles.. there are SO many young rap artist, country artist, and many others that take classic songs and repoduce it into being crap that young people think is their original song or music! Things like that should be argued over..not just a little difference..atleast credit is given where credit is due!

Dear Prudence Review | Reviewer: Paul MacLear | 9/30/09

You are all a bunch of complainers. It doesnt matter how the music comes to you or how you come to the music. Its just great music no matter who plays it you cant deny the genius behind it. Its timeless, ageless. give up your possesive intention that the music belongs to any one generation. it belongs to the world at any age, race, religion, or ethnic group. Dont forget what the beatles stood for in the 60's and 70's. Freedom and love regardless of difference or indifference. To claim any specific idea of the music is blasphomy. Grow up allow all generations to express the music in anyway they see fit. freedom of expression has always been the foundation of beatle mania. I am a 39 year old musician / composer and a huge beatles fan from A to Z. I myself have interpreted the songs exactly and at times in a completelty self indulgent manner. My personal versions touch me in ways that the originals do not. Why? Because they inspire me to dream, to feel, to expect more from myself and everyone around me. Including the beatles! If your intention is to be a historian and dwell on one specific fact than have at it. I myself would rather take what the song has given me and go even further than any one true fact could ever accomplish. Why and who the song was written is just the beggining. Would you rather dwell in the past or reval in the future. History will always repeat itself if we are truely historians we would let the natural progression take its course. It will always bring us back to the begining eventually. Never stop the natural evolution for an un-natural revolution. My 2 cents. As for Dear Prudence? One of many great Beatles tunes. Keep listening and never be afraid of what the future may bring.