igonorance is not bliss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

the movie just shows that there music can be interpreted in so many diffrent ways. i liked it reguardless of what you say, and the whole movie wasnt just about drugs if you payed attention it talked about the whole era, the drugs were a large part of it because thats when lsd was introduced. it also talked about the vietnam war, and the reason the beatles were so perfect for this was they WERE the music of that era

my views | Reviewer: Frank & Danielle | 1/30/08

I feel the movie was very good and you can't say if you like the movie then your not a true beatles fan because that would be saying if you liked the wal then your not a real pink floyd fan and that would just be complete bolgardash.. So get your head out of your ass and think before you speak........dumbass.......loved the movie and love the beatles....

Only 15...PLEASE! | Reviewer: Sarah :D | 1/20/08

You said you were only 15...i was 12... i understand it all , hun. its a fantastic movie i love it. i listen to the soundtrack everyday. the movie really got me with the beatles now i am late bloomer with the beatles! oh well :D

It's so scary... | Reviewer: Parce | 1/10/08

Cause the song seems to happy... but knowing the story behind why John wrote it... the story's almost scary... just trying to get that poor girl to come out of the chatel... she could have died...

nice song :] | Reviewer: Cristina | 1/2/08

this song is soo pretty. i really like it. it's calming. and the movie WAS great by the way. i loved it. and being 15 and pretty straight edge i wasn't on any substance when i saw it. i guess growing up with a hippie grandma helps :]] but you have to have an open mind when it comes to the beatles songs being used. nothing can beat the originals. but the new twist they put on the songs in the movie are REALLY nice and fun if you take both into consideration. SHOOT i have both versions of each song used in the movie. both the beatles version AND the one used in the movie. the movie's a trip. i digg it :]]

You're all morons | Reviewer: person | 12/30/07

Above the review form, we see this: "Review about Dear Prudence
------ Performed by The Beatles"

Performed by the Beatles, ladies and gentlemen. As in this is not the place to comment on whether or not you liked Across the Universe.

Personally, I like this song, however it can be rather repetitious. The upbeat lyrics give a sense of hope to the listener, and make them more inclined to go out and see the world for what it is.

Across the Universe Sucks???Screw You! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

across the universe is a great movie and they did'nt ruin anything and you have problems if you think that it was just a sappy,cheesy story of the beatles music

p.s--Beatles ROCK!!!

Are you all serious? | Reviewer: Christie | 12/29/07

Across the Universe in my opinion was just horrible.I felt like they really butchered a lot of songs and tried to put The Beatles to a really cheesy love story.I will admitt that the "Being For the Benifit for Mr.Kite" scene was pretty sweet though...But I mean Bono sung "I Am the Walrus" Like come on bono? Bono sucks.

And when they did Revolution,they could have made that scene so powerful but they made it gay.

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Aly | 12/13/07

I personally don't like the beatles. i actually hate them to be blist, but however i did LOVE the movie and i LOVED the songs when they were remade to fit the movie. All in all it made me like the beatles a bit more... not alot more, but i have a new take on them. <33333

Wow | Reviewer: David | 12/10/07

saying you're open-minded or know about the 60s doesn't mean you have to be a 'stoner.'

although the first time i saw it, i was tripping on LSD.. THAT. was awesome.

what are you talking about??? | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/4/07

You are crazy if you think only stoners will enjoy this movie, if you didn't like it you are obviously an idiot when it comes to the beatles music. This was a really great movie and i loved it, and i think i especially enjoyed it because i grew up listening to this music. And the beatles are my favorite band ever!!! So, ignore those who say you should be on drugs to watch this movie, they are the retards!

Just Saw the Movie | Reviewer: Farah | 12/4/07

I loved the movie. You have to be a certain type of movie-goer to enjoy the movie though. You have to be open-minded and very in tune with what was going on in the 60s and how people acted at the time. The Beatles references were enjoyable and worked with the plot without confusing non-Beatles fanatics. Though I didn't enjoy The Benefit of Mr. Kite, I found the rest of the movie quite moving and beautiful.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Black Hearted Girl | 11/23/07

i loved Across the Universe, i loved all the obvious references to the Beatles, so anyone who doesn't listen to the Beatles regularly can still understand it. I also loved all the muttered comments as well, so the people who do listen to the Beatles regularly can feel like their getting things that the other people aren't.

From a teenagers viewpoint | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

im one of those teenagers who "arent true fans" and well i liked the movie alot. its true i didnt listen to the beatles much before this movie other than one or two songs. but the movie made me want to hear the original versions of the song and i love those too. just cuz they interpret the songs differently doesnt mean that the movie sucks... think about it, it made people wanna listen to the beatles me and all my friends that saw love the originals now as well. i dont think theres anything wrong with that...

loved it | Reviewer: alice | 11/22/07

OMG, of course i loved the movie Across the Universe. it combined some of the beatles amazing songs with an awesome story set in the 60's. I especially LOVED Jim Sturges(jude) and Martin Luther, they were my favourite.

i especially loved "I wanna hold your hand", "I've just seen a face" and "Happiness is a warm gun".
I am a great fan of THE BEATLES and i also LOVE this amazing movie.