Olga | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

I love this song, but, in the second verse, first line, why does it say cocks? should say eyes...

in across the universe... | Reviewer: yasmira | 10/21/07

prudence is a lesbian.

she wants to hold a woman's hand

and "comes out of the closet"

near the end she meets a woman. beacause she likes women. and shes happy. and smiles.

Happy Songs Forever! | Reviewer: Noelle | 10/22/07

The Beatles are timeless. I've grown up on them, a four year old trotting about singing their lyrics. Even now, 9 years later, I adore them. They're insprational, and their legacies will outlive them.

across the universe | Reviewer: Patty | 10/20/07

i just saw across the universe, the movie with all the beatles music in it. and this was one of the best songs in the movie. it was so moving. the beatles are probablely the most important musical group to hit the planet. if only lennon was still here to see what his band has done</3

wow | Reviewer: Tania | 10/18/07

i always heard of people loving the beatles but i never really listened to them.. and now i do omg... the best... dear prudence makes me so happy its unbelievable

MY PWOO RULES MOREEEEEEEE! :P | Reviewer: MeGaN--x LuVyA PwO0ii | 9/13/07

omgggg PRUDENCE HALLiiWELL thats hu dis song reminds me of! she is the best best best and i miss her sooooo much she is a charmed one and she is absolutely amazing and ded pretti and powerful yur the best Prue i miss you like hell please come back i am waiting your house is w8ing ur sistas r w8ing i miss you loadssssssss www.angelprue.piczo.com and go on A POEM page
omg this song is sooooooooo Pwoo

dear prudence by the beatles | Reviewer: cas :) | 8/6/07

the beatles are an amazing band!! i absolutly LOVE them!! .. ive been a fan since seventh grade and i am still a fan now that i am in 10th! :)

love it | Reviewer: amakehs | 7/25/07

This is one of my favorites since it reflects my own childhood. This tune will never get old for this 'ol' rocker.

Siouxsie does it better | Reviewer: Mr Banshee | 6/21/07

This lyrics are much better on Siouxsie and the Banshee's version.

George Harrison on Dear Prudence like Chet Atkins | Reviewer: Joseph | 6/15/07

When you listen to the beginning of Dear Prudence, George Harrison is playing the bass line on guitar(low E string is tuned to D, notes are D to Higher Octive D to A), while at the same time he is playing the three note melody which desends. This is not double tracked, he is playing like Chet Atkins, both parts at the same time. I thought people might like to know.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Quicksilver | 6/8/07

I first heard this song on The Tube, and it was just awesome, and they did develop into a more serious and deep reflecting band, marked by 'In My Life' as Lennon described it.

The Beatles | Reviewer: David | 4/26/07

this song is fantastic, but most of the Beatles songs are. the Beatles are NOT usually perky. they develop into a very deep introspective period after experimenting with drugs and after maturing. In my opinion, their late 60's are best.

Perfect. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/07

Great song. Probably one of my all time favorites, the part where Paul comes in with his bass and everything just clicks is what literally moved me. Amazing.

DEAR PRUDENCE | Reviewer: Meredith | 3/26/07

wow ussually the beatels are like really up beat and poppy which is cool but this one is deep and i really like it! "the perks of being a wallflower is where i first heard of this song. its amazing.