:/ | Reviewer: Alice | 6/29/09

Across the Universe is a terrible representation of the music the Beatles made; an accurate representation of the 60's, but the Beatles weren't trying to represent the 60's. I just think being introduced to the Beatles through that movie will keep the listener from thinking of anything other than rock and roll life style that Across the Universe has given it. However, I do sing this song to my young cousins when they're upset and it always makes them smile :]

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

I'm not gonna go all boring paragraph-y on you readers. I know you don't want to sit here and read it. Julie Taymore, you took the most amazing band in the world and put their work into you're amazingly just WOW film. Your cast was just the cherry on top. They portrayed the 60's charecters wonderfully. The 60's was my absolute favorite era and The Beatles are my favorite band. I also own many of ther records; stolen from my parents ofcourse. All in all, Across the Universe was probably the best film I have and and will ever see. much love

dont dis on the beatles | Reviewer: richard | 6/24/09

the movie and the song is amazing the people that don't appreciate it are the loser that never go out and experience life amazing movie the negative people need to get there nerd ass of the computer and go do something else

across the unvierse | Reviewer: ian | 6/20/09

I just want to say that the song of beatles is cool, even im just a 17 year old..I like their song..especially when it sang at the movie across the universe, I dont know the title of the song but i really like it........

this is freaky freaky awesome | Reviewer: lauren | 6/13/09

lol this is like so cool i mean kool its not a constapated ova wait old lady lol k not funny lol

this is like awesome i could listen to it every minet of every day lol my sis loves LOVES that jude wat eva his name is of across the univers that is like the awesomest movie eva

dear prudence/ across the universe | Reviewer: Romeo Dion | 3/13/09

OK, the director of this particular film did not really want this to be 'the beatles' although it was the beatles songs. I'm not a great big Beatles fan myself, but I had an opened mind to go and watch the movie, and hell i bought it too. the singers/actors were great and i really did like the renditions of the songs. Several people said the same negative thing,"they're trashing the songs, they're not the way they should be" 'it's not the real Beatles!" OK people get off of your secure suburban horse and open up your minds, the world is changing and won't stop if you do! lol, go ahead and talk to that brown or black fella down the street, we're not ALL bad people. Do something out of your boring routine life, do remember...you're here on earth for only a short while, make it worth it. Everybody's gotta like the Beatles. I'm from the south, and if my family can change the 'racist' 'prejudice' ways, i think anyone else can!

Sad I did not see it at the Theater | Reviewer: Jonathan | 2/25/09

Ive loved the beatles music very much, I own all of there albums. I really did not want to see this movie, I did not want to see the beatles music trashed in any way by new singers. So my wife finally rented it and I sat down and watched it with her and was shocked by how well done it was... Dear Prudence was awesome.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/09

its great that everyones getting into the beatles from Across the universe...but dont forget those are covers...they aren't the beatles. go listen to the white album...puts the movie to shame without any visuals. just sit and listen.

Dear Prudence | Reviewer: Victoria | 12/12/08

I have seen across the universe 55 times and i love jude. He's hot and cute at the same time. My favorite part of the movie is when Jude is singing i have just seen a face. This guy sang that song about me.

Across the Universe | Reviewer: Brittany | 11/9/08

I think the movie is brilliant. Not to mention the songs. It has been the best movie ever for me and I know it always will be. My favourite song is Revolution. Dear Prudence is pretty awesome too. Basically all of them are remarkable and each have a meaning for my memories. I didn't grow up listening to them. Actually I was born 13 years after John died. It does make me sad though. I never and never will get to see the Fab Four performing. I would have to recommend this movie for every age group, well past 13 at least.

rethinking the beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/08

I have seen the movie "Across the universe" 3 times. I watched it then bought the movie. I agree putting actions with words of the songs really does make the words come alive. the movie is good but the music makes me come back again and again. I sing Dear Prudence all day long. The movie the song just brings a sense of peace and joy to my heart. I was reminded through this movie just how much I enjoyed listening to the beatles growing up. It seems to have stirred a safe place for me to go when I am alone or down. The beatles always seem to cheer me up and feel alive. It just makes me want to share the music and memories with my husband and friends.

movie input | Reviewer: Laure | 9/10/08

I appreciate the Beatles like I appreciate Shakespeare: yes, the original work is fantastic, but let's face it, not all of us understand everything. I mean, I didn't know what the heck was happening in Hamlet until I saw the Mel Gibson movie. seeing words acted out helps to convey the point better, which is why I love Across the Universe. the songs were already good; the movie just made them applicable to life. and yes, Let It Be is best in the movie. I cried!

whoo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

I was watching a movie across the universe or something like that i thought that it was cool my name was in it. Then all of a sudden they started to sing the song i freaked out becaues my name is prudence and i never knew that my name would be in a song because it is so unique.

amazing! | Reviewer: gabriella guerra | 4/9/08

this song is amazing and i think that we should listen to this song in those moments where we are prudence and we need to be told all of that stuff sometimes...somtimes we need to tell ourselves this lyrics=)

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

you can still be considered a true beatles fan, even if you started liking them through the movie. It doesn't matter how or when you decide to be a fan, what matters is if you appreaciate their music.