wow | Reviewer: Sammi | 9/30/09

So the Beatles are great and i'm glad to see that this generation has a lot of people that enjoy their music. And to the people that are all pissed off about Across The Universe, Shut up really i mean its nto about the band itself and its not supposed to be. Its portraying the life in the 60's era. Who cares if its all pop'd out and all that it shouldnt matter its a way to keep the sound around and keep everyone loving the old school music. It doesn't matter if its not actually sung by the band in the movie. Its not about that its about the songs, the lyrics, its about sharing great talent with the world. :)

Movie vs. Original | Reviewer: Kasia | 9/20/09

Honestly, does it REALLY matter which version you listen too? It's still the same song, maybe in a different key or different beats, but still the same song. I like both versions regardless. So what if the movie portrays it in one way? It's only about how you hear it and how you interpret it.

Anyone?? | Reviewer: Mike | 9/10/09

I hear alot of pople on this site claiming to be Beatles fans and how they love the music from ACTU. My question is how many have actually listend to the original Beatles recordings? And not the uber-pop teeny bopper version from that movie.

What is music | Reviewer: Bill | 8/16/09

Music is an entirely personal thing. Sure you might gleen something from music that someone else also agrees with. Rather than attempting some allegorical explanation or doing some kind of musical/literary comparison...just enjoy it. its amazing stuff. The "White" album is one of my favorites.

Holy Crap. | Reviewer: Rubber soul | 8/16/09

You all seem to argue over ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. If other people like then let them watch it! IF that is how they came to like the Beatles then congratulations, now you love em! And Dear Prudence is a beautiful song and i love it! Across the UNiverse just uses the songs to interpret what the 60s were like becuz the beatles signified the 60s.Oh and i love the movie and the beatles. And why do people keep talking about their age? WHO CARES HOW OLD YOU ARE?! if you want to know evryones age, then mine is 13.

what | Reviewer: Russ | 8/9/09

Not sure why some people are talking about Abbey Road. This song is 100% White Album. and lllaura's 100% correct about the song being about Mia Farrow's sister in Rishikesh. It's good to know some people appreciate these songs enough to interpret higher meanings in them, but John really wrote songs about simple things most of the time. But that's part of the beauty in it really - John saw the wonder in every little part of life to the extent that he could write such a beautiful song as Dear Prudence about such a simple thing as a girl being antisocial.

the song (and a small address to the film) | Reviewer: meghansharem | 8/9/09

I understand why everyone wants to talk about the movie. It's painful but true, I've met people who say that they don't like the Beatles. My standard response, "You just haven't listened enough then." The movie introduced the music to kids who thought that that music belongs to their parents, and I can't be upset if they loved it. There, that's my response to the movie shit. Onto the song. Dear Prudence has always been a fave of mine, how is it that the Beatles can make a tambourine cool? And yes, yes, it's about Prudence Farrow, but we can all be prudence sometimes, and this song lifts my heart and makes me feel that all that is terrible and wrong with my life can be set aside, that there is a self that is separate from all that. It may be a little "high fidelity" but I think we should all have a few personal theme songs, and more than a few should be from the Beatles.

dear prudence | Reviewer: lllaura | 8/4/09

if some people actually want to know the meaning, and not b.s. about that movie, do read: *this song was written for Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence. At the time, The Beatles and others were in India meditating. Prudence wanted to reach the highest level of meditation, so she stayed in her tent. Everyone tried to get her to come out, but she stayed. John Lennon then wrote this song for her and would sing it to her, hence the title "Dear Prudence".

Vampire Chick | Reviewer: Kitty | 8/3/09

I wish that terrible movie never had the audacity to taint The Beatles names. Now there's this awful overabundance of pupular-culture minded, naive young people who think that the trivialized music from the music is more relevant than the Beatles' actual music! Why did they have to ruin a beautiful legacy with pop-trash? Disgusting.

Ugh. | Reviewer: Kitty | 8/3/09

And it's ABBEY ROAD, btw.

But seriously, aren't these reviews supposed to be about the actual Beatles songs? Isn't there like a movie-music section where all the 14-18 year olds can go and talk about how hot the guys from Across The Universe were?

Across Dear Prudence | Reviewer: Vampire Chick | 7/30/09

Okay, first of I'm 14 and even I realised that Across The Universe was about the 60's not The Beatles. It's a movie representing free love, exercising free will, the political movements of the time and most of all expressing yourself. Personally its one of my favourite movies, Love or Hate it, its your choice. The song Dear Prudence, I feel, is about braking down the walls you've built for yourself and being open minded. I feel it's almost like a child opening their eyes for the first time to fully take in all the world has to offer. As I said that's how I feel. I don't know what the song actually means, but that's how I interperated it.

dear prudence | Reviewer: beadie | 7/22/09

why are you even talking about a movie? this review is about the song "dear prudence". you guys probably never even heard a whole album. listen to ABBY ROAD. The song production for the album is awesome. the songs are good. and "dear prudence is one of my favorites.

stop trashing everything and get over yourself. | Reviewer: bella | 7/9/09

im watching this movie as i speak and the other people that have trashed this move should go to hell. Its a movie not a history of the beatles ! the lady that did this, made it her own and i give her ten cool points for that. im 16 and love the beatles and this movie only made me love them more. the speacil efects are the best and i just love it in all.
P.S. all the guys in it are super hot! :P

ACU/Beatles | Reviewer: Jane | 7/8/09

John Lennon hated that people tried to analyze his songs and give them definite meanings. Across the Universe portrayed one meaning. Whether you agree with their judgement and interpretation is your own call. I don't think its misrepresnting The Beatles, The 60s, or anything like that. I think its simply putting the songs out there in a modern context for people to continue to appreciate. And if you didnt like the way the songs were portrayed in the movie--fine, thats the point.
Interpret the songs in whatever way you want, but frowning upon someone elses interpretation or calling it "wrong" is ridiculous. The same way just swallowing their judgement is, and not comming up with your own.
The music of The Beatle is what you make it to be. ACU made it out in a certain way, don't hate it for doing so.

I'm so tired about hearing about | Reviewer: Jasmina88 | 7/5/09

Across the Universe!
Whenever I look up anything Beatles-related anymore, all I find it about Across the Universe.
I'm a HUGE Beatles fan, and I have a great interest in history and whatnot. I love the Beatles, but I thought ACU was a VERY literal translation of their songs. He basically named a few characters after a few well-known songs, made a few references to other rock n' roll icons of that time, created a very cookie-cutter script about the 60's, and fluffed it up with literal images and scenarios taken out from the Beatles songs.
This isn't to say that I didn't find some parts enjoyable.. but honestly, when I think about the Beatles, I don't think about strictly 60's-related, literal images. I think it could have been more abstract. I wish there was more room to appreciate the Beatles music itself, and not clutter it up with a strict 60's image.

Other than that, I love this song =]