Cheating. | Reviewer: Evan | 7/22/14

Yes, I think that this song is about cheating. In short, the king is cheating on his queen with a friend that "came to play". They have a heated discussion about it later when she finds out. This conversation is interrupted by their children who find out about the cheating while eavesdropping. The main lyric "cry baby cry" is simply the queen wanting the children to cry because she is the one that spends the most time with them. But, surprisingly, they have no reaction.

Cry Baby Cry | Reviewer: Tasha | 3/8/13

I think that the song's sort of based around John and Cynthia. They were the king and queen of Marigold (Kenwood) and while Cynthia took care of Julian the most, John played away with Yoko (giving her flowers, the 'friend' who came for tea). Yoko was the duchess of Kircaldy who was always late (phone calls to John), a heated discussion between John and Cynthia about Yoko, but Julian interuppts (the voices put on specially by the children for a lark). Julian cries and Cynthia puts on a brave face for him but really she's heartbroken. The last part is maybe Cynthia pleading to John.

Our favourite cover | Reviewer: Dave | 1/23/12

Namaqua love this song. Yes, I think it is about cheating. It happens in the Royal family too, take Charles as an example!!
Hmm, yes, would you leave Diana for Camilla Parker-Bowles?? No, didn't think so.
Namaqua's cover is on YouTube channel. Dave.

Another masterpiece | Reviewer: Sue | 9/29/11

I'm impressed w/all the reviews--u guys are quite astute and insightful. I kind of identify w/ haley's take on the song ... Beatles are very adept @ taking dark subject matters (infidelity) and project it via sing song nursery rhyme melody hooks...Beatles are amazing .... So rite on

Really Good. | Reviewer: Haley | 1/3/11

I think this song is kind of about the prospect of cheating. Like when the king's making breakfast for her. Or meeting a friend who "came to play" The queen's spending time with the kids and giving the king the cold shoulder. Whereas in the "local bird and bee" the duke was hearing word of the duchess cheating on him with the king... It's saying cry baby cry while you can. Your mother would love to but she's old enough to know it doesn't help. interesting song. =) love it. and love the beatles.

It makes perfect sense | Reviewer: ye | 4/18/10

the song is a nursery rhyme, and it works as a lullaby. like most nursery rhymes, it makes no sense literally: it strings images for children, of children, of silliness, it rhymes. and it is a wonderful lullaby, with the repetition and the harmony. i think it pokes fun of nursery rhymes while at the same time paying homage to their genius.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh, she's old enough to know better.

The narrator is telling how the baby isn't crying when he is born (as a sign of the baby not breathing). He asks the baby to cry, to stop the mother from worrying if he's dead or alive (make your mother sigh, a sigh of relief. Also she's old enough to know better, as in she knows if the baby doesn't cry then he's dead).

Other lines like "The duke was having problems
With a message at the local bird and bee." indicate towards this.

Love the intro | Reviewer: modernman | 9/9/09

I love the harmonium and lack of drums at the beginning of this song. It always makes me feel like it's a live performance or a track that wasn't ever finished. I was really sad to hear John Lennon didn't like the song calling it "a piece of rubbish"

Yes! Exactly! | Reviewer: Steev | 6/2/09

Mardi, You've got it Right! Bang on, Maxwell's Silver Hammer! I love how loving this song makes you part of some sort of exclusive club. Most people have never heard of Cry Baby Cry, but hot damn shizzamn, it is THE song. It encapsulates everything; perfectly arranged, perfectly far my favorite song of all time. It feels like the soundtrack to my life everytime I plug in and listen to it.

lalalala life goes on... | Reviewer: mardi | 3/3/09

this song is timeless! it makes no sense it your just listenning to it, but if you have a problem or something that needs answering, and you play this song, it gives you the perfect answer! i dont know how it does it but....

try it sometime! works for me ;P

cry baby cry | Reviewer: bill in alaska | 12/4/07

love this know the music is awesome, the lyric is great, even though it does little more than feed us snippets of english gibberish...not dissing it, love the song

crazy stuff | Reviewer: david | 6/3/07

i think this song just goes to show how some songs really didnt belong on the white album with all of the creative differences with the members at the time, absolutly beautiful song with completely thrown off ideas for verses.

still my favorite song off this record...haha

Amazing | Reviewer: Antoinette | 4/2/07

It's no surprize that this song is so amazing.It's about nothing but then it's about everything.It really is good .Ilove listening to it .
yours truly,

Truly Great | Reviewer: Katie | 10/17/06

This is a magnificent song by the Beatles. My all-time favourite song. Very beautiful, with a nice rhythm.

All My Lovin',