come together! | Reviewer: #1 Beatles Fan | 1/9/08

This song is absolutley amazing. What I love most about it, is the lyrics. They're so original, they don't make any sense which is why I love it. You can't top the Beatles.

Great Tune | Reviewer: Steve | 10/28/07

Each verse is about a member of the band. Verse one is George, two is Ringo, three is John and forth, the one who is so hard (for him) to see, Paul.

My family's favorite Beatles song | Reviewer: Lamar | 10/5/07

I'm a Beatles fan and this is my families favorite song, it was probably because I performed it live at a banquet for my school band. But anyways, I figured out some interesting things about the song

When John is making that sound, he's saying "Shoot me" and also, I never really realized, but during the verses, that's not a guitar, it's an electric piano, I knew there was electric piano in the song, but I didn't know that it was the most noticeable one in the verse, anyways, it's a great song and had some meaning back in the 60s

Every cover? | Reviewer: Todd | 10/4/07

This is for the rviewer who made the comment about every cover of this song creeping them out. I think you may be forgetting the Aerosmith cover which reached a higher Billboard ranking than the original.

come together | Reviewer: Jane | 9/30/07

This is a great song. it is a truly individual song and not individual in the same sense as all those indies thinking they are special. It is a song for their time and our. The lyrics and music fuse together and make a perfect bond.

Funny song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/07

One of their more unique songs, in my opinion, just because the lyrics are so..
Just wow, Lennon was interesting.
This song scares me a bit, though, because every cover version I hear just creeps me out (i.e. Michael Jackson)
But good, good song, nonetheless.