LOVE IT | Reviewer: missy | 8/4/11

This song is on the Beatles Anthology 3 Album, and is perhaps one of my favorite Beatles. The Badfinger version is amazing, too, but like most songs, nothing beats the original version. and Paul McCartney's voice on this track is so raw and pure... gives me shivers

Uhh... hello? | Reviewer: Carrie Campagna | 6/14/11

This isn't the Beatles... it's Badfinger... the song was written and produced by Paul McCartney for the 1969 film The Magic Christian... Pete Ham commited suicide at the age of 27 by hanging himself... tragic... : (

come and get it by The Beatles / Badfinger | Reviewer: Leonel | 4/23/10

This is a great upbeat song, it could be about anything, it'got that unique "Beatles Humor". I dont recall this original version , i'm more familiar with the Badfinger hit version in the film "The Magic Christian" with Peter Sellers & Ringo ( 1970 ) by the way Badfinger's version is basically the same as Paul's maybe a bit slower.

Amazingly awesome Song! | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/1/10

I absolutely love this song. It is in my top 10 for sure. It amazes me that it didn't end up in one of their "actual" albums than an Anthology. Even so, its amazing and should be listend to multiple times. I am IN LOVE with the Beatles. They "complete'me.(x great song.

Great! | Reviewer: Asgy | 4/24/05

Everything by the Beatles is awsome!!!! =)