THE BEATLES DID DRUGS | Reviewer: Mike | 9/10/09

WHAT!?! Bernardo, are you truly that incredibly naive that you think the Beatles didn't do drugs when they wrote their songs. Of course they did drugs when they wrote songs. Just listen to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour and tell me they didn't do drugs. EVERYBODY in the 60s (especially artists doing psychedelic rock) did some sort of drug, be it marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, or some of the harder stuff. It is a fact that all of the Beatles did marijuana and LSD. John Lennon was the only one who got into heroin, though. Lennon even admitted to tripping on LSD when he wrote "I am the Walrus".

PS Try picking up a dictionary sometime. It'll help with the whole spelling thing.....

the beatles and drugs | Reviewer: bernardo | 8/14/09

you are so wrong men the beatles never did drugs to right songs
Lennon may have done drugs but only in rebleding the government there songs are complicated and they need people that are not stupid people simple Americans like you but some americans and every one else can figure out wat they meen

cold turkey by the beatles ???? | Reviewer: mads nørregård | 2/2/09

To whom it may concern:Cold Turkey is definately not a beatlessong.Lennon
wrote it while still in the group, but the others refused to have anything to do with, so it was released as a Plastic Ono Band single.
It's one off the great drugsongs along with James Taylors A Junkies Lament
Cold Turkey was by the way called the first punk record ever.