Spiritual interpretation? | Reviewer: Rich Maset | 9/17/13

I always found a spiritual interpretation to this medley. Golden Slumbers- this is not our home; we are outcasts from our home. Nevertheless smiles and joy and love are can be found by those who seek them ("Smiles awake you when you rise...")

Carry that weight- We will be forced to bear the weight of our bondage to our attachments in this world, to our selfishness- for a long time. Until we choose to let them go.

The end- the love you take is not just equal in amount to the love you give (make). The love you take *is* the love you make. (Werner Erhard said- you don't have to go seeking for love when it is where you come from.)

Short and Sweet but Deep and Wide | Reviewer: Terri McIntyre | 11/30/12

Beatles songs have the knack of inspiring thinking and sometimes in surprising directions. We all carry a degree of weight from our decisions, whether personally or on a broader scale. It's the thinking about things that's the important part. Thanks for your gift of great music and ideas, Beatles!

A different slant | Reviewer: Harn | 6/17/11

While in the service there was an poster showing a young man carrying a huge weight on his back with AWOL printed on it. The message was, if you go AWOL you will carry the weight of that decision for the rest of your life.

Add some interesting herbs to a night of listening to Abbey Road and the the song took on an entirely different meaning!

This is one of my favorite Beatles albums because of the incredible mix of music and lyrics, though it has been criticized because the front and back sides don't go together - so what! Of course the opening song, Come Together (over me) seemed to go right along with the "Paul is dead" theories of the time. And who can't love Mr. Mustard, even if he was mean?

Almost A Lament | Reviewer: Mark Burns | 2/11/11

I always felt that Golden Slumbers kind of went together lyrically, almost lamenting their extreme fame and success. Once there was a way to get back homeward, Once there was a way to get back home. Then in Carry That Weight. Boy your gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time. Due to fame and fortune they could never go back home (they way they once were). Fame and fortune would stay with them the rest of their lives, with thousands, even millions seeking their time and attention. I lived the 60's and I will never forget the impact they had on my life. Not always good, but glorious.

carry that weight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/09

"Boy, you're gonna carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time"

McCarney wrote this song within the Beatles final laps, while he still was the "good guy uncharged", but couldnt take it anymore.
Its a strange "break apart" story, isnt it? they could no longer hold onto eachother and still they loved the music they could play together.

Paul was trying to keep the boat from sinking, he said then that he wanned to stay optimist and lead them out of the storm. Guess its not easy to lead things when they no longer get away naturaly.

"being optimistic"- carry that way a long time. wrote it for himself, as he said.

I love this song! | Reviewer: MatheLehrer011 | 5/17/09

I definitely love this song! My favorite part would probably have to be this:

"I never give you my pillow
I only send you my invitations"

For some reason, the way they sung it is really a lot different than they sing much of their other music. It's a must hear!