Crazy song | Reviewer: Nico | 3/26/14

This song is absolutly great, it has a really spooky and pyschedelic vibe... as pointed out before, Harrison wrote the song while waiting for his friends in the US, they were late because they were lost, and those voices that semm to come from the afterlife? Well that it's just the magic of a Leslie Speaker!

It's about Derek Taylor | Reviewer: Don L. | 11/30/12

"Blue Jay Way" was written during Harrison's 1967 visit to California, on a foggy night waiting for Derek Taylor and his wife to come visit ("There's a fog upon L.A./And my friends have lost their way"). Finding a small electric organ in his rented house (on Blue Jay Way), Harrison worked on the song until they arrived.

The Beatles - Blue Jay Way (backwards) | Reviewer: the girl | 12/5/11

This song is definetly good, but I heard rumors that this song hides a message. if this song is played backwards, it gives out a message mentioning one of the members to die. I don't know if it's true though

wow | Reviewer: monica | 7/4/11

i had already listened to this song a million times before but i had never really concentrated on it but this time all i could hear was dont belong dont belong i felt like if i was on an acid song ever!

Love this song | Reviewer: Mushaboom | 9/5/10

I love this song so much, and I think it's one of George's best. This is his only song on Magical Mystery Tour, but I think it does him justice. I can't even really put my finger on why I love this song; I think it may simply be the melody in the chorus.

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

This song gives me the dark chills.
I can't hear John Lennon's words clearly, but after 'Well, it only goes to show', I hear 'Very bloody is Paul'. It's probably just me.
By the way, don't listen to this in a dark room.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

i listened to this while high.. all i heard was- please! dont belong! ... maybe they had something with their L.A. friends.. a gap between U.S nd England.. and they dont wanna hang with them (fog) ... they're all humans, no need for segregation. Dont Belong ;D Love Everyone

Love the Beatles! | Reviewer: Harmony | 2/7/10

I absolutely love the beatles and every single one of their songs! George Harrison is my favorite because he was always just so chilled but in a cute and funny way. So this is one of my favorite Beatles songs. They have truely inspired me and got me through the toughest times in my life with their music. And their movies are ssssssoooo funny x60000000! I am truely their biggest fan!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Deedee | 12/8/09

I can honestly say that I just have no clue why but the words and even how it was just sang well made the song wonderful unique and swell I've heard all beatles songs and these are one of the first few that stuck out on the first time I heard it.

Another Great Beatles Song | Reviewer: Nintendo | 9/25/09

Magical Mystery Tour is probably one of my favourites, if not my favourite Beatles album, and this is a great song. The dreamy, slow pace and distorted vocals provide a great atmosphere, giving the song a very surreal mood. Interesting note: the lyrics, written by George Harrison, were actually about waiting for a friend in Los Angeles while on Blue Jay Way. No real hidden messages, but still great poetry.

DEAD beat chicken said I wanted to be dead. | Reviewer: MATTHEW Silver | 3/26/09

I just can't under stand why he did that thing!!! That thing made me crazy, like a seventh dimensional wacky thing from outer space, with love and beauty and we started to dance again with love from a distance far away into a new planet love it and relax data code 250 from the coolest thing that ever, ever happened at the beginning of this planet and that was pretty neat and swell.

Excellently Brillant | Reviewer: Wilhelm | 10/28/07

This is by far one of their best. The Beatles are true masters of their work.

Blue Jay way is so well done and so incredibly sad, you can't help but feel like there is something lying just beneath the surface.

But despite its sad note, it seems to have a hint of hope. And that's why I like it.