love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

i can play this song perfectly on my guitar and sing it all but i can not sing (into the light of the dark black night) so freakin hard i just cant get it to the pitch

To the moron talking about dying blackbirds.... | Reviewer: Courtney | 9/29/07

This song isnt actually ABOUT blackbirds, it's about the troubles about race (black & white) in the southern US states years ago. Go take your complaints to PETA, not to a lyrics website.

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Brittany | 9/21/07

I absolutely love this song. We sang this in my choir class in High School and I fell in love. Love, love it!

I love my mom | Reviewer: Jake | 9/19/07

My mom and I are very close...she means the world to me. We used to listen to this song all the time together in the car. This song means alot to me

Into the Light of the Night | Reviewer: Mark Cartwright | 9/19/07

Blackbirds are dieing all over the world, once millions now just a few...on the endangered species list. We need to take our sunken eyes and learn to learn to fly and understand our relations in the birds..for now they fall. Not much time left to understand... for when the birds fall so shall man.

Blackbird | Reviewer: Talia | 9/8/07

this song is truley amazing and it has so much meaning and i love it soo much!
im stiill young but the beatles are the most amazing people ik!

Blackbird by the Beatles | Reviewer: Sgt Pepper | 9/7/07

I was not around during the beatles era but I have listened to their music for most of my life. This is definitely a great song!!! It is short but sends a strong message about persevering no matter what the odds are against you. I believe it is originally about a black woman during rough times in the 60's. Anyways, I choose to play this song on guitar to my 2 month old son everynight as his lullaby.

Great Song | Reviewer: Alice | 8/29/07

when my dad died when I was little they played this song at his funeral. It erally means alot to me...

Blackbird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

This song touched my heart when i heard it! im not a fan of the beatles but this song is reallly deep and has an important meaning behind it! ill never forget it! i luv blackbird's too so there is not doubt that i wont!

Grest song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

I think the Beatles are just great, without saying more now. This song, this Lyrics are just wonderfull. I like most "take these broken wings and learn to fly", there i have to agree with shounak.
Hmm... I could write hour about that great song. So it is just great...

Maybe | Reviewer: Julie | 8/21/07

This was one of my dad's favorite songs. I'm thinking of getting the lyrics tattooed on me as a memorial to him. The lyrics are so beautiful and haunting they work even as a poem.

blackbird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

my sister just recently downloaded this song on my computer and when i first realised it was there and listened to it, i feel in love with it imeditatly. beautiful lyrics and melody. Defineatly one of my favourite beatles songs.

A lullaby for Daniel | Reviewer: Cristina | 8/10/07

Blackbird really touched me the first time I heard it. Now I'm going to have a baby in three month's time and this is the song I chose to sing him every day as a lullaby. I'm singing it everyday now hoping he can remember it. It's for you, Daniel!

for Rob | Reviewer: Sirli | 7/27/07

Somebody, most dear to me, played this song after we first broke up.. i'll never forget that sight of him, lying on the sofa, all tired and depressed, but still able to play this song for just a remembrance of the great times we had...

I'll never forget you, Rob.

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Adix | 7/27/07

I love The Beatles, my father is a great fan and I’ve grown with their songs. Now I can say that it is my favorite Beatles’ song, wonderful lyrics and wonderful melody.