The Beatles. They're all...insect-like! | Reviewer: Laudo | 11/30/09

Thomas, if your read Glanost's comment you'll see that he wrote EXACTLY what u wrote. Clearly you didn't read it well enough. I guess he actually DID get that memo! :D

"The beatles are awesome, it's kind of depressing to think that someone could mistake a song about civil rights for being a satanic message sent from hell."

Now tell me what he just said.

paul was the frontman? | Reviewer: danny | 11/30/09

No he wasn't, they were the beatles they were together. If there was a natural leader then it was john, look what he did after the beatles broke up. Look what paul did after they broke up, he cried for 5 years before he got his act together for only a couple of good albums throughout his entire solo career (which the later years seem to have been focused on playing live, i wonder why)

Good Grief!!!! | Reviewer: the buckster | 11/29/09

Oh for gosh sakes everybody.What's the point uv pickin writter's tunes apart like they are a crime or somethin?Why can't all uv ya'll just sit back,relax,listen to the Beatle's tunes and enjoy the music from some of the most brilliant singer/songwriter/performers the world has ever seen.When I saw the Beatles back in 63 and saw the way the girls acted over them I decided that's what I wanted to do with my life.I was 13 years old then.Got a guitar for my birthday that year and started down my road of life.I've fronted many bands,several duo's,and,a single act forever.Ahh,guitar pickers get their pick of the girls:-)too,long as ya ain't an ugly mug.Problem was,I was a lover.Married 4 of em.........whew!!!!!every one of em took me for EVERYTHING I had..Now I'm livein out in the woods in a cabin with my ol huntin dog.One uv my daughter's bunch w/grandbabies just down the hill so I get ta see em any time I want.I'm happy as a bullfrog in a pond during mesquito breedin season.Still pickin and grinin enjoyin the heck outta life,when I ain't hurtin too bad from many bad orthropedic injuries.Yup,still pickin,includein some Beatles tunes,but mostly folk/country.God Bless Jim Croce,Merle Haggard,Willie Nelson,Townes Van Zandt,Bob Dylan,James Taylor,and a few others.
Livein close to Austin,Texas,which is the real music capitol of the world.Havein my babies just down the hill,and my bestest huntin buddy bellyup right here in his window seat,and,duck season openin soon,is more than one ol guy deserves.
Hey,when yer lookin at the green side uv the grass,rather than the muddy side,it's all good!!!
Lighten up ya'll.

Ugh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

I'm so tired of hearing about that crap.
Satanic messages in reverse? Yeah, just like Queen, Kiss, and anyone else who ever had one of those prank sites put up a page to comfort simple minded dolts like you.

The Beatles were fronted by a man who dedicated his life to peace,
taking hallucinogenics doesn't bring the devil to life.

Overactive imaginations do..

@ Glanost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09

I believe you said "Why would a black guy need to learn to see?" well that shows your ignorance on several levels. First off the sunken eyes means that the eyes are lowered below the point the normally would be, in other words: the person's head is bowed in submission (slavery). When it says "learn to see" the person is now lifting his head and looking up because suddenly he's an equal and he's unsure what that means exactly so the singer points out that this is what he's always wanted, he's been "waiting for this moment to be free." If it's not about civil rights and is in fact about gender discrimination, then replace the words black and/or man with woman and it's still the same message about overcoming adversity. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to claim this song is satanic. I bet you're the type of person who thinks Obama is a secret Kenyan muslim terrorist who wants to spread his nazi socialism all over the world.

The Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09

Actually the beatles had hidden satanic messages in alot of their songs, it started around the time when they were experimenting with reversing their vocals...learn your history people, don't be mad because you like their music and you don't want to believe that they would do something like that...They would and they did, suck it up

Fred Freedom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09

Glanost, you are a dumbass, it's as simple as that. I agree, most religious people are incredibly racist, and also incredibly ignorant. If you think the beatles are satanic than don't listen to them, and keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself instead of writing on a lyrics page hoping for attention.

Blackbird | Reviewer: Thomas | 11/12/09

Hey, Glanost. I think you are one of the most ignorant people I've ever witnessed. Blackbird is a song about civil rights. Its a beautiful song about being free from discrimination. Clearly, you did not get the memo. The Beatles were fantastic musicians and maybe you should get your head out of your ass long enough to realize it. Thanks.

Glanost... | Reviewer: CodPhish | 10/30/09

Really? The beatles are awesome, it's kind of depressing to think that someone could mistake a song about civil rights for being a satanic message sent from hell. It's people like you that start stereotypes, like all religious people are racists. Please, for the sake of the world, stop trying to force your bullshit ideas on people that don't want to hear them. (IMO) ;) Ps. This song is sick.

if beatle is satanic... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/09

ok..i understand everyone is a critic these days but...if you are to say that a beatle is a satanic symbol get the spelling right. a BEETLE is a symbol; that is the same spelling as the insect. the musical group is spelled "The Beatles". Its a play on words. With beat spelled with an 'a' it is a musical term...musical.

are you also going to blame The Beatles because of Charlie Manson and his use of Helter Skelter to manipulate people?! No, you would not!

It's About | Reviewer: Hampton | 10/4/09

I heard a CD in which Paul spoke before this song played, don't remember where, maybe a live album. He said that back in the 60's the slang term for women was "birds", so this song is about hopes for black women's freedom from a structural system of oppression that is rooted much deeper than slavery. It's a beautiful song about finding hope and courage to "fly on" when there seems to be none--I love it!

Blackbird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

I don't want to sound like a fag but I have always loved the Beatles since I was born. Im 15 and surprisingly I just found this song. After I repeated it the second time, a few tears came out my eyes.

Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics | Reviewer: Edward | 9/26/09

This is such an amazing, gentle, winning song. I even like the interpretation of Glasnost that it relates to Horus. We should note that in Egyptian mythology Horus battled Set, the precursor to Judaism's Satan, so in condemning Horus, Glasnost might be backing the wrong side! Remember this all predates the invention of Judaism's monotheism.

Horus (a falcon) was known as the son of Osiris, Egyptian god of life, love and merciful judgment. Horus was injured in his fight with Set, although later healed, his damaged eye becoming the moon. So if anything, Glasnost's interpretation suggests that the song is about injustice: the struggle for the world between good and bad, a central preoccupation of Egyptian, and later, both Hebrew and Christian religions. Paul McCartney always said that the song was about the struggle for civil rights: a concern dear to Christians' hearts. And the two interpretations are utterly reconcilable.

The phrase "into the light of the dark black night", in the context of Horus' healing, and of good being resurrected even at its darkest hour, has particular parallels with the Christian Easter story in which an eclipse covered the earth in darkness for hours on Good Friday. Just because a story talks of dark things, does not mean that we can read it as having sinister meaning any more than we can suggest that Jesus' death and resurrection is not ultimately an account of a triumph of good over evil.

Glasnost, you've given this song more beauty and depth and helped me in my appreciation. I am always amazed when I hear this song, and will continue to be so. It has such heart.

satanic lyrics, wake up | Reviewer: Glanost | 9/24/09

These are just satanic lyrics. It's not about real values but just satanic freedom, the Beatles were not good kids but bad guys, and the beatle is a satanic symbol. When will you understand that the satanic vision of freedom is bringing hell on earth? Poor naive humans...

This song is voluntary dark "dead of night", "into the light(lucifer) of the dark black night",
"Take these sunken eyes(horus) and learn to see" ( why the hell would a "black guy" learn to see? hmmm? non sens ...or actually satanic sentence! )

"You were only waiting for this moment to arise" the sun, you're the sun, 'Do what thou wilt!'.

-to those who might understand-

Blackbird | Reviewer: Kelly | 9/21/09

This song is amazing, the first time i heard it i instantly knew that paul was my favourite, the lyrics and the guitar tab to it is amazing. I find it intreging that a song like this can mean so much for the reason that the lyrics remind me of something personal. I give this song a 100000*