What I think Blackbird means | Reviewer: dee | 2/10/14

When I was younger, so much younger than today, (Im 61 now, so I was 11 when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, and I remember it well!) I just thought the lyrics to this song were poetic, sad and beautiful. Now when I read the lyrics, and I picture the bird, I see two young men finding a poor little deceased blackbird along the way somewhere...the little bird's wings are broken, and his eyes are sunken in. The song is a song of freedom for him; he can fly away now and he is freed from earth's binds and ties...he was waiting for his freedom and in death he has found it...Sounds morbid, but if you are a Jesus follower, our physical death sets us free from all the pain we suffer on this earth and in Christ we have spiritual freedom and we will fly to Him when we pass from our physical bodies into the spiritual; realm. So it is not a sad or mournful song to me; to me it is about the freedom of death---the freedom one can only have in Christ.

Singing blackbird | Reviewer: Tristan | 10/30/13

With my school choir we sang blackbird and it was very inspiring so inspiring actually I went home after the concert ad searched and studied all about blackbird and wrote a two page report over it and my teacher gave me fifty points extra credit because she also was inspired that I wrote a two page report over one song we sang.

Bonnaroo | Reviewer: Deb Jones | 6/18/13

I Love the Beatles! Sir Paul performed at Bonnaroo 2013 (6/14) to a crowd of 80,000 & this was one of the songs he chose to sing. He did explain how he wrote it in response to all the Civil Rights Tension in the U.S. & stated how he was glad the song helped so many. The entire concert was a surreal moment! What a wonderful Blessing!

A Song of Freedom | Reviewer: Tess | 5/13/13

The broken wing caught my attention and I wondered what the song was about.

To me, it is for any girl or any person who has finally found the strength, courage and confidence to be their own person ... again... after many setbacks.

I walk through the garden of a Law school everyday. In the last two weeks, the birds have been alternately singing and having loud chatter. I've been trying to figure out what they have been talking about. I think hearing this song today is what the birds had been telling me. It is time to fly. You can do it. This is the time.

I trust the birds because years ago, when I was walking through the same garden, something caught my attention. Then the black birds (there are different birds who live there, not figuratively) made a frantic quacking. I turned to look and there was a woman who posed a danger to me.

My granddaughter who was with me at that time said, "The birds are our friends. They warned us of the danger."

The birds are wise. They know when to fly ... and where.

i have a theroy for what this song means... | Reviewer: ;) | 3/23/13

I have a theroy of what this song might mean: the blackbird tried flying once and ended up breaking his wings. He also has bad Eyesight and ever since he broke his wings he does not want to try flying again but soon he decides to try again and fly and see. i think that means if you do something once and it does not turn out quite right,don't give up on doing it-it could get better the next time you try it.That's like the time i fell out of a innertube on a water slide and never went on one again till i turned 10 and realized how much i was missing out on and rode a water slide without even getting close to falling out and i loved it and myself because i finally conqured my fears and was enjoying myself. after i heard this song i thought that's just like me. next time you do something and it does not go right, remember-don't give up with this world and try what you did again!

blackbird | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/15/12

i love the beatles and this song is so beautifull
im from colombia and in this country the peaple listen reggeton and juston bieber. i dont like that singers but i love the beatles, guns and roses and queen !!!! and i am a girl!
i love the beatles because that songs are so beautifull and the music makes me travel across the universe
anyway, i love the beatles and this song is amazing

My interpretation | Reviewer: Hai | 1/26/12

There are some Beatles songs (Martha my dear, Blackbird, Rain) that have lyrics that I interpret to be inspirational, such as to ignore the pain in the neck people in the world. Whenever I feel down, I just think of the lyrics and I perk up... even if that isn't what the lyrics are supposed to mean. It just shows how music can change your life!

it gives us hope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/12

I got the link of this song from a 13 yo friend on deviantart, this is amazing
it gives a very deep message
"Take these broken wings and learn to fly" now how can someone fly with broken wings? well, the true meaning is that learn to live from the suffering or hard times you have had in the past (referred as broken wings)

Into the Light Of the Dark Black Night | Reviewer: Curtis Eagal | 9/22/11

McCartney was inspired to write "Blackbird" by observing racial tensions in the US (while in Scotland himself) during early 1968, always admitting to those overtones.

The acoustic folk tune incorporates a classical bit taken from Bach. But in the context of the White Album (early title, "Music From A Doll's House" - childhood references abound), the sun came up near the outset in "Dear Prudence," beckoning us to "come out and play"; here early on Side Two we are called to seize the opportunity the time unexpectedly offers, collect our battered, broken psyches, and aspire to the heights of which we are capable - by flying "into the light of the dark black night," evoking the spiritual light at the end of the mystery tour tunnel (as in a near-death experience) that conceptually envelops the double album (this sun-like light gets ritually extinguished in the last track, "Goodnight").

So this new self-empowerment comes with a degree of surrender to something greater. "Blackbird" is part of an 'animal' suite, along with "Piggies" and "Rocky Raccoon," an obvious formatting device with cryptic purpose. The "broken wings" were said to be symbolic: our world can be brought more in line with the warm, loving light of the next world, if those who long for righteousness "arise" in effective activism.

Beatle Evangelism----Conscious or Subconscious | Reviewer: Art Ward | 9/1/11

This is one of the most--in my opinion the most--profoundly elegant set of lyrics from the twentieth century, though not as the Beatles themselves interpret them.
"Blackbird singing in the dead of night----take these broken wings and learn to fly" First striking paradox is, how does one learn to fly with 'broken wings'? TThe answer is if the wings are broken to tthe laminar flow of air--i.e. uplifted. The bird is black, not racially, but in the sense of being unenlightened. So then, an ordinary mortal sings, 'take the uplifted wings (cf. in Beatle terms,the Crucifixion) of Jesus and learn to fly' You were only waiting for (Jesus' sacrifice) to give you the ability to be saved. (this moment to arise).
Second stanza: "take these sunken eyes and learn to see" We know Jesus had sunken eyes as he was dying becaus He said, "I thirst", a sign of dehydration (sunken eyes a symptom of dehdration). I.E. Take Christ's eyes and learn how to live.
Blackbird fly----into THE LIGHT of a dark black night. Who was it who said, "I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIGHT!!!??
This is the most obvious example of a number of Beatle songs that have a powerful, if subtle, subliminal Christian message.

A particular spectacular nostalgia. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

I suffered a lot of abuse growing up. Even now at twenty three, free from that household and out on my own, I find myself questioning if the place I am at now is really any better. Just because you do not marks to show for it does not mean that the abuse is not there.

And every time I hear this song, I think of the days I used to sing it when I was a kid and how it gave me the courage to fly the coop.

And I think now that it's time again.

Calm to the heart!!! | Reviewer: Joshua D. | 8/26/11

I love this song. It has a passion of love, fear, pain, freedom, and life. There's something about this song that stirs my soul and gives me a longing feeling. I would love for this to be me and that someone special's song.;)

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

this song has ment so much to me i'm 16 so youll probably think im just being a dumb kid but this song is how i met my current boyfriend Kai...

i was sat in a cafe when kai walked in he sat for a bit and then this song came on the radia and we both started singing along when it ended we laughed and he came and sat next to me we exchanged numbers and we in a serious relation ship within 6 months we met up everyday... this was all when we were 13 and we're still together strong and don't ever show any signs of ending what we have... in other words this song helped me find my one true love...

Beatles are a source for good not ill. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

My father enjoyed classical music, Bach organ music often wafted into the living room from the parlour as we watched the telly. Yet dad had time for the Beatles and particularly enjoyed Blackbird.
I walk around my home town Liverpool and see the reminders of the Beatles, the Beatles Hotel, the Cavern club (albeit a copy) and the poignant figure of Eleanor Rigby (I once saw a tramp hugging her like she was his mum). Beatles satanic? Go away.
Get your head straight and look for hope, rid yourself of your sad world.

hmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/11

I just got that link of this song of a good friend... he knows everything of me , my past , my troubles (which are a lot)... And he is always telling me to let go of the past , don't worry about what people think or say and just do. I feel like this song is a hint for me .. just like the 2 other songs : here comes the sun and ........ the night before (We also kissed.. what wasn't supposed to happen because of the age, he's 47 , i'm 20)....

Just what I wanted to say : Beatles are gooooooooooooood :D