Message | Reviewer: Nuno Tavares | 4/23/07

Paul MacCartney said this song's about the civil rights. It was written when the southern states where still with much questions about it. In England girls are called birds, so this is Paul singing to a blackgirl, saying don't give up the fight.

blah | Reviewer: chris | 4/9/07

its not really a hard song to learn, just have to practice it a bit is all.

im also wondering what the message is. Hmm

my working theory is that its kind of like an inspiration song kinda like second chance deal

Blackbird | Reviewer: anna | 4/6/07

I remember when i was little my dad would allways sing this song along with playing it on the guitar. I am tryong to learn the words and tabs.

What is the message here? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/07

I'm not really sure what the song is about? Can someone help me out here... I am in love with the music and lyrics, but not entirely sure on the message. Thanks!

One of my favorite beatles songs | Reviewer: Mithila | 3/12/07

Well, I've always loved the Beatles and when I saw this song in one of my favorite books "The Weekend" by Christopher Pike, I had to hear it!!
I fell in love with the calm soothing voice and I always sing or picture someone singing it when I get nervous

awesomeness | Reviewer: jasmine | 2/15/07

i think blackbird is a great song. it is my dad's favrit out of all beatles songs. i also reccomennd
all other beatles songs

my childhood | Reviewer: Danny | 2/11/07

I remember when I was a child and I couldn't sleep my dad came to my bedroom and put a disc, suddenly a soft song started and he sang to me, so then I could fall asleep, this song reminds me my happy childhood, and how my dad loves me. I love Blackbird song

hi | Reviewer: | 10/16/06

my dad used to sing me this song as a little girl and i just love it. does anyone know how do i get this with an htlm code?

sexy birdie song | Reviewer: ROSEWOOD | 10/5/06

My husband loves when I sing this song to him, the mood is well you know right.... ^--^...