Leave it to the thumpers | Reviewer: Freek Out with my Deek out | 2/21/10

Look, people - the beatles were and still are one of the most important and influential groups ever to grace the airwaves and our ears - and here's the thing - these bible thumpers win if u keep arguing a pointless argument - it completely detracts from the point of the whole idea - this chat is no longer about the beatles - its about religion or the lack thereof - they win! stop feeding their purpose, if u ignore it, the will wither away. The Beatles, however, are STILL more popular than jebus - and much more fun.

This song is beautiful :] | Reviewer: Amanda | 2/13/10

I have to cry when I hear this song. Paul wrote this song while thinking of a black woman, & how African-americans were having problems during this time, of when the song was written.
I believe its about finding hope in the darkest of times. Sort of like, Let It Be.
Long Live The Beatles. My heroes. My Inspiration. My saviours. Especially John :)<3
The only reason that anyone would view the Beatles as Satanists, is that some radical christian put that idea into people's head.
Religion is over-rated & The Beatles knew that. Look at what happened to John. A peaceful man was shot dead for saying that they were more popular than jesus; which, by the way, was true.
You people may say whatever you want about the beatles, but if you weren't blind, you'd be able to see the truth.
RIP Johnny & Georgie.

Across the Universe vs. original blackbird? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/10

I love this song, and i'm very happy with how Evan Rachel Wood did it in the Across the Universe soundtrack. It's a very peaceful, touching rendition and one i'm listening to now.
I know a lot of people didn't like the across the universe soundtrack: some of the covers i was not a fan of. But Blackbird is one of my favorite covers overall. any thoughts?

Satanism Shmatanism | Reviewer: KPH | 2/10/10

Aleister Crowly was wiccan, you dipshit! And the Beatles weren't Satanist OR Wiccan, I believe that I recall George Harrison being a devout Buddist, and that the rest of them were pretty much Christian, but just hated the Church and religious folk.
And I hope you realize that Satanism doesn't even worship the devil, it is a "pre-christian paganism" revival religion having to do with, yes, darkness and NOTHING to do with your god. Satanism is completely symbolic, they are mostly dark magicians/occultists that do not believe that any firgure in the bible exists or ever existed, and are pretty much atheist, toting the phrase "be your own god" or something like that. A little to narcassistic for me, personally, but not EVIL. The religion that LITERALLY opposes Christianity is Luciferianism (yes, that is different from Satanism), in which they are ALSO not evil (unless you honesly think they want to assasinate the pope or man at the pulpit and wreck the church or whatever...) but believe that Lucifer, the fallen angel/star, was really a God of light that was outcast by the "jealous god" of the bible. Do your fucking research and get a REAL education!

native guy loves the beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

i am going to say my peace on this i have loved the beatles since i was a kid i loved the messages they promoted to love everyone and be good to eachother take care of the earth and such because it promotes my deepest spiritual belief and that is the traditional values of my grandfathers and grandmothers ive lived on and of the reservation since i was a child and i have suffered being who i am the beatles songs were a real big piece of mind for me all i can say about they're reigous beliefs is this if they had them or have them those who are alive thats they're business not mine or anyone elses if they want it to be public they will let it be known i personally dont care one way or the other what or who they worship or pray to or pray for its personally not my business so why make a fuss about all of this they wrote and sung some of the most beautiful music in history and as for the title black bird and where it came from its entirely possible they were talking about a woman of color because well what do the english call a woman a bird but taking that out of context is wrong if you want to say they were talking about a raven or a crow and that they are evil creatures from the devil not in my traditions we believe that the black bird is sacred he carries our spirits back to the creator the whole time singing his sorrowful song because of the loss of a beautiful spirit on this earth and he is the great mothers voice for losing yet another one of her beloved children so excuse me for not being christian or satanist and disagreeing with your spirituality but mine is my own as is the beatles its they're life let them live it

BLACKBIRD | Reviewer: SALLY | 2/2/10


Black Bird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

The Beatles sang for us. We love the songs. Music is in us all. Many of us can hear songs in our minds. It's good stuff. Has to be a good thing. Why mix it with bad vibes. The singers are just people. The songs are expressions of feelings. How can one link that with a devil.

f*ck everyone.. | Reviewer: blackbird | 1/26/10

i completely agree with Mike... im a Christian but i dont want to believe in the devil cause i think it is seriously dumb and it only will give me fear of everything i do and love. So i'll say fuck every one who says the Beatles are bad, satanic, or whatever the fuck they say.. i really dont give a damn anymore. I'll keep listening to their music n loving theme cause i fucking want to. Peace.

CLEAR AS DAY!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

Yes, the Beatles were into Satanism
Yes, they were mainly influenced by Aleister Crowley
Yes, Aleister Crowley was a Satanist
Yes, most of their lyrics and art have occult undertones.
Stop living in f-ing denial.
If you like the music FINE who cares!!
But don't ignore the facts

STOP PLEASE | Reviewer: Sam | 1/12/10

Please stop having these arguments; if you don't like The Beatles, don't look up their lyrics. If you love them then fine, but you're not doing them any justice by fighting like this. Peace is key. Look back to the lyrics and feel what they are saying. They aren't telling you to fight.

What? | Reviewer: Tripped | 1/9/10

This conversation is appalling. First off, if you want to wax like you have some sort of intelligence, please learn to spell, and use proper grammar. The Beatle is not a satanic bug, that would be the beetle. The members of the band were not opposed to the idea of spirituality, or the existence of a higher being, they merely looked for it through avenues other than Christian, which has absolutely nothing to do with this song. John was probably agnostic at the time of his murder. We know that George liked Hindu teachings, I think that Ringo could give two shits, and Paul, who knows.

Satan is a figment of your imagination | Reviewer: mike | 1/7/10

All of you overactive religious fanatics are spurred into hate over nothing. The only truly horrible message ever spread was the one that lead you into a life of fear filled with blindly following a faith without ever questioning. Satan only exists as a tool for religion to scare you into believing things. This song is about civil rights and overall, peace. To hear a satanic message in it only goes to show my point. You are stuck in your simple minded ways and cannot see the beauty in these lyrics and this song. You perpetuate satan by believing in him. He is only something to be feared if you actually fear something that doesn't exist. You are no longer afraid of monsters under your bed or the boogie man right? Satan is no different than them. Free your self from your bondage, break the chains your bondage and shed your shackles of blind faith! The only truth is truth that you discover on your own. Other wise you are open to be used by someone who would exploit your desire to be afraid of something. The same way your parents got you to brush your teeth by telling you of the boogie man, and the church tells you to live their way or satan. Distinguish yourself by thinking for your self.

Hope | Reviewer: Sara | 1/5/10

It pretty funny to read these comments about satanic messages. Playing songs backwards, well it's been made studies of this phenomena. When you play a song backwards for someone without telling that there is a hidden message in the lyrics, the person probably doesn't hear a thing. But when the person knows there's a hidden message in it, he/she will hear it.. And all you people who analyze this lyrics, why not bring up the rumor that Paul died in a car accident 1966 and was replaced, maybe the replacement guy is Satan himself. And this rumor started because someone thought they heard it in Revolution 9 while playing it backwards.
Well there's people for everything *sigh *

Anyway this song is amazing! For me it's a symbol of hope (and that is what matters) We played it on my younger brother's funeral last summer. I can't help to shed a tear every time I hear it..

Will always love the Beatles music | Reviewer: Love Beatles Music | 12/31/09

Dear Truth,
You clearly know absolutely nothing about The Beatles. There are no satanic messages inbedded in their songs. As a matter of fact, they promoted peace. If you listen to any of George Harrison's music it is so peace-filled. The same with John, Paul, and Ringo.

I don't know where you got your Truth from, but you know what they say: The devil can disguise himself to be peace loving, so you might want to stop listening to those little voices in your head telling you lies.

Blackbird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/09

I had the pleasure of seeing Paul McCartney in Vegas many years ago. He was very talkative throughout his performance, explaining how each song was created. Blackbird was written for young black women in America in the 60's.