Thank you. | Reviewer: Graham | 12/9/07

Agreeing with Alexis, kudos to you, Charlie.

I'm seventeen, but have the musical taste of someone born in 1940 or 50, so I'm often told that I'm not a real Beatles fan just because they broke up twenty years before I was born, but can someone in this day not be a Bach fanatic?

But yeah, thanks for putting that into words.

thank you | Reviewer: alexis | 12/6/07

thank you so much charlie. i'm awfully tired of reading reviews and having to scroll through pointless arguments about what a song could possibly be about. and i'm so sick of not being a "true fan" because i'm only 20 years old, regardless of the fact that i have so many childhood memories of listening to the beatles with my father. and as someone who gets inspiration from these songs to change her life and create something beautiful or to go out and fight injustices, it's really nice to hear that someone appreciates my love of great music and other youngins like myself who feel the same. so thank you again. now, let's actually review the song rather than argue about pointless things. please.

the beat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/07

i love the metronome in the background...
the rhythm and the music flow so well together
this is one of those songs that can never be perfectly replicated

I find you all quite facinating | Reviewer: Charlie in Albuquerque, NM | 12/1/07

-never comment on anything on line and would have skipped over your comments while confirming the lyrics.....
-To the guitar players and those who had this song played to them: understand the beauty of this piece is in its simiplicity, don't congratulate yourself on your ability to play it, this song is as simple as they come, you and millions of others including myself can play and sing it perfectly, whoop a dee dooo!
-To the Beatle fans, especially the young, you are what truly enourages me,I know that PM's brilliant work will always be appreciated and not lost in the coming generations
-To those who make sharp comments, your arrogance is both astounding and nausiating. You really feel a need to "grace" people with your well-thought insights don't ya?, (as apparently I do, how's that for irony)
-Look what we've become a world of anonymous "commenters" who spend their precious 80 years in front of these boxes. Turn it off, get up off of your asses and go write your OWN blackbird!!! that's what Paul would really want, now isn't it?

WOw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

Okay, i agree with the previous correct you all though...

Paul wrote this about african-american ladies in the south, in the sixties....over in england ----> bird means yea..

so yea lol

stop arguing. | Reviewer: lexxi | 11/7/07

stop arguing about what this song means and enjoy it. everyone has a different take on it as it seems, and that's how you should take it. stop talking about "true Beatles fans". that's complete crap. anyone can love The Beatles. and anyone with an open mind can take in what others say about them and think about it, not just reject it automatically. maybe it really is about blackbirds, or blacks, or something completely different... the point is, it's a beautiful song. take it as it is.

lalalala | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

hmm. so im seeing everyone on here argueing about what this song is about. it was INSPIRED by a blackbird but the song was written about the trouble in the southern states. mccartney says this on one of the live preformances.

Love this song... | Reviewer: Jen | 10/29/07

I love playing this song, and my pet bird loves it, too. He chirps when he hears the bird sounds toward the end. :-D | Reviewer: Bethanne Parle | 10/27/07

Always loved the simplicity and beauty of this song. I am hoping to sing it at my brother's memorial in a few weeks. He was a true blackbird and loved this tune.
To the person who has trouble singing "into the light of the dark black night" I suggest not to try to imitate but to make it your own. This song can be sung in many different keys. Go for it. I am having trouble with "Fly".

Uhhh. | Reviewer: Aubrie | 10/26/07

Uh..this totally is about blackbirds.
If you were a true Beatles fan maybe you would know that...?

The Black-bird is Swedens national bird | Reviewer: Daniel | 10/26/07

Hi! I recently came across with this marvelous song. So soothing and mild to the touch. The Black-bird is my country's national bird :) That makes me even more happy, when thinking of the song :)

To the moron talking about race troubles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

Are you Charles Manson? That idiot misunderstood half the White Album because Helter Skelter didn't mean anything in American English and the words "bird", "piggy" and "whack" have different slang meaning s to Brits like the Beatles. No way is Blackbird about race. Anyone who knows the Beatles' story knows that!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

This is just an amazing song. I heard a cover of it by the foo fighters, it was just a recording demo but it was good. It still has nothing on the orginal. Its just amazing

luv it | Reviewer: sumone | 10/10/07

i luv this song i was at a guitar prac and th eguy teaching it was playing it and i luved it so i looked it up on itunes and now im obssesed wit it

Beautiful | Reviewer: MylesPrower | 10/7/07

My cousin(who was 28 at the time, while I was about 11) used to love this song. We used to listen to it all the time, before he died. Whenever I hear it, I think of him, and it's just a beautiful song.