Inspiring | Reviewer: Lucius | 11/30/08

I really thin this is a beautiful song, not only because of the outstanding acoustics but the lyrics as well, and you can argue over what it means as much as you want but all that really matters is how inspiring it is. The song basically means that things are gonna get better, after all the time you've been waiting for. It's not particularly about world peace or anything in particular, it could be about anything like a relation, but it can pertain to any situation, and how its always darkest right before dawn, things are gonna get better. This song inspires Hope above all else.

Don't give up on life.

THE TRUTH. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/08

i cant tell you how many times i've listened to this song in the last week. its a good song to cry to. it is just so simple and sweet, and somewhat easy to play on guitar. blackbird will live on for every, as will the beatles. and john lennon isn't dead.. he is just hiding from "all the lonely people" - "Eleanor Rigby" think about it.

...Not really, actually =) | Reviewer: johannes | 10/4/08

Dan, your theory, or as you call it 'the only interpretation' is flawed in one essential place.
You say that it was about a black woman in liverpool that john knew in his childhood. Apart from the fact that racial discrimination was less frequent in 1940's or 50' europe than it was in america, there is also the problem that john did not write this song.
I've read in some interviews this song is about the civil rights movement, with special emphasis on black women, but it wasn't from a distant childhood memory. Remember this song was written in 1968, a famous year in history for what happened to the civil rights movement.
Anyway, i think we'll both agree that it's a great song!

Actually... | Reviewer: Dan | 9/29/08

The song is about a black woman living in Liverpool in John Lennon's childhood. Apparently she was the only black person in liverpool at the time, or one of a very few black people anyway, and she was constantly scorned and harassed by bigots. John admired this woman and just wanted her to have the courage to leave the town so she could be free from harassment. There is no other interpretation.

Gorgeous Song | Reviewer: BeatlesLover | 9/3/08

This song is very beautiful. It really speaks to me, as a singer. I chose this song to audition for solo choir in school and made it! I recommend this song highly. That, and tax man by the Beatles. Oh and if blackbird makes you cry,, also listen to Eleanor Rigby also by the Beatles.

Acoustic magic | Reviewer: Javier | 7/16/08

One of the finest acoustic songs written,sung, played and recorded ever. As all McCartney or Lennon songs it was signed as Lennon & McCartney, but after 1965 only a few were really written by them as a pair. In fact, Blackbird (1968) was completely written & composed by Paul. As many poetic songs there has been lots of interpretations of this song, as you may have red. It has even been related to a reference to death and resurrection! The only fact is that in its simpleness relies its magik! And it's there to be listened and enjoyed! I would also like to remind you another piece of the beautiful simpleness of the Beatles: "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you made" This are the short (and maybe the shortest ever) lyrics of "The end" which officially close Abbey Road, a standard album in rock history, and the last ever recorded by them. Regards and keep on rockin'

HOPE | Reviewer: Johnny | 5/23/08

When I first heard this song... i couldnt pick mysself up off the floor i was crying so much.
or that could have been an Epileptic Seisure but either way i was on the ground. So i watched ATU this weekend with my girls and they just didnt have the appreciation that i did for the movie, i guess i am just awesome!!!!! thanks charlie! :p i love you
the world will soon be a better place

a chance for hope | Reviewer: Juliana | 5/22/08

This song truly does give me so much hope when i listen to it or even read the words. The world is truly an unperdictable place with not enough peace to keep everyone together. One day i think we'll all be able to look past the brokeness and move ahead into a brighter path.

peace and love.

Blackbird beauty | Reviewer: patchouli | 4/24/08

The Beatles have got to be pretty much the greatest band ever to exist. I'm a pretty big fan.. not like religiously.. but big. Anybody who reads this, check out the cover session from the Foo Fighters. They doa pretty good job with the song to.. given you like Dave [lead singer of Foo Fighters] Anyway, awesome band, awesome song.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

this song about fifteen minutes ago made me cry my eyes out

the world will get better

and time is the only thing that stops true happiness

dont become victim to everything else in the world

live your own life and fall in love its the best thing that ever happens

and never leave the person you fall in love with cause it only gets better

best of luck to all of you

HOPE | Reviewer: Sarah-Elizabeth | 4/11/08

this song is great becuase of its simplicity. and despite what the meaning is or why it was written is an after thought. just like poetry music can bend to the listeners needs. I love this song because it gives me hope that better days are coming even if you are down and battered. singing makes me feel so much better as well. (same goes for Let It Be)

we arent seeing the big picture | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/08

as another "youngin" i cant tell you how long i have been a Beatles fan, probably ever since i was young and my father played abbey road. but i personally feel exhilarated about having a movie that can inspire so many new fans. having a true love for their music only makes this movie better. gaining an appreciation for their music from ATU is also incredible, showing how their music has inspired us for over 30 some years. i dont care how old someone is as long as they appreciate where the music came from.

more than simple | Reviewer: Jeremy | 1/24/08

in answer to Charlie's review. It took me hours of watching Macca's fingers on video to master Blackbird on guitar made harder by the fact he is left handed. Whilst not being a great guitar player myself,-like the clever so and so you appear to be-, I think it's not the fact that it is a simple song, this misses the point. The talent lies in the art of projecting something that touches people. It is something you can't bottle and if you could you would make a fortune, as The Beatles did. It is one thing to copy something and another to come up with somthing as good or better. The Beatles had that knack of finding that feeling for relating to the music which was human and natural. As a foot note to another review I think you will find that Macca had tap shoes on when this was recorded and in fact he is keeping his own time perfectly.

fifteen & in love with the oldies | Reviewer: trina | 12/31/07

this is my favorite song.
it's just so simple,
and the music is beautiful.

if you want to hear a great rendition of this
i would recomend listening to this:

it's just the guitar,
and he plays it a bit faster.
its wonderful to listen to =]

Charilie!!! | Reviewer: Jeff | 12/27/07

Dude yeah, I know what you mean, and also Alterbridge got off their asses and wrote a kick ass BlackBird too :P but I can't decide who 'version' is better :P