birthday | Reviewer: Jo | 6/27/13

I was born on my mother's birthday so I have started singing it on our birthday. Last year I called her early in the morning blaring it and singing this year that plan stands. 13 more days!

This happened on my birthday | Reviewer: Mike | 1/24/13

I'm a huge Beatle fan,I was delivering pizzas on my birthday one year and the song "Birthday" came on the radio as I was delivering to a street named Abbey Road. Made me feel like it was just for me. lol

ON 7-21 A 72 YEAR OLD LADY'S BEST WAY TO CELEBRATE | Reviewer: Joe Johnson | 7/27/12

On stage with band and tambourine this lady was a riot to see on "You Tube,Happy Birthday Judy SDV-0408" an old rocker for sure, she kept time with the song and danced as well. Hope I can do it when I'm 72!!

Great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

One of my very dearest friends of 30 something years birthday is the day before mine. Her's is today and mine on the 4th. Every year I call her sing this song to her. We love it. Till I can't call anymore, Denise, my dear friend, Happy Birthday!!!

It's my Birthday toooo yeah | Reviewer: tony martinez | 6/19/11

On june 20th I will turn the big 60 and for some reason this song keeps comming to mind iv'e never thought about Birthdays being special but this year as last Iv'e been away from my entire family for 2yrs maybe this year Ifeel lonly for family thankyou God, Iv,e always thought that I was too numb in the feelings dept, I suppose I'm more human than I thought thanks be to God this beautiful morning in Spokane WA, by the way I hale from Denver colorado I,am a true native and I miss home Gods Love to you all. tony

This Song is Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/10

When ever I hear this song I always feel like there
is something about that song, that makes me want to dance. I love how it sounds so magical when Paul starts to sing "I would like you to dance, Take a cha-cha-cha-chance, I would like you to dance, DAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNCCCEEE, yeah!"I just feel the magic of the pianos, the guitars, and vocal chords they sound perfect.

I love the Beatles! They are such an inspiration to all rock musicians every where.
Beatles Forever!

PJ | Reviewer: P | 4/28/10

Wow... that's deep... RIP MARC...
I'll record this song with my voice for this next June 24th it's my sister brithday and She tought me to listen The Beatles and She's probably the The Beatles Fan No. 1 I ever meet.
I'll put the song in a video with all our pix I can get from our childhood and will post it on my youtube account to give it to her on the night of June 23rd.
I hope this will be a very nice beatlesgift for her...

Once again RIP Marc...!

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/10

Every year since I can remember, my uncle would call me and sing this song for me for my birthday. Now that he has passed away I can't seem to make it through my birthday without listening to this song. RIP Marc!

2 of a kind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/10

My friend and I are both celebrating a birthday on the same day very soon even though she is a year older than I am. Today I started singing the first 2 lines of this song because it fits perfectly: "You say it's your birthday; it's my birthday too, yeah." Haha! :)

drives em crazy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/09

It drives my son crazy because everytime it's a birthday at our house I sing it all day long and he says: IS THAT ALL IT SAYS?! OVER AND OVER?! So I sing louder and louder. Today it's my daughters bday and I plan on putting it on my ipod and playing it over and over just to drive him nuts! :) Gotta love being the one in charge!

Happy Birthday to ya!

xsfhhgkiuol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

Hahah my sister did this song for her schools talkent show



tthis is about the birthday song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

Hi Every time my family has a birthday we always wake them up by playing this great song. We have played it since we were all born.