Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite | Reviewer: Daniel | 3/30/2008

Yes this is right for the song performed by The Beatles, Eddie Izzard played Mr. Kite in the Musical Movie Across the Universe. Eddie Izzard was encouraged to ad lib because he is hysterical and if you are going to have him do this you should let him go. Kind of like trying to get Robin Williams to not as lib, you can but it won't be anywhere as funny as when he does ad lib.

it is correct | Reviewer: jenessa | 12/5/2007

This was a song long before the movie. It was written and performed by The Beatles... just like every other song in the movie. All the crap that was added too it for the movie isn't in the real song so yes, these lyrics are correct.

is this right? | Reviewer: hannah | 10/21/2007

i really think that there are a lot more lyrics than this. I'd like to see everything that the man in the movie says. All his side notes and how he talks about prudence wanting to be called henrey... Why wasnt this included???