Sereiously? | Reviewer: Catherine | 5/18/10

Aside from Dave not knowing anything about the Beatles, he also doesn't seem to have any reading comprehension skills. Fisrt, the title: John (Lennon) and Yoko (Ono), his wife. About their hardship when they got married: she is Japanese, taboo if not unacceptable; John changed somewhat drastically musically and personally (eg. clothing: "guru's in drag")many credited her for negatively influencing/controlling him and subsequently the Beatles possibly causing the rift (Lennon/Mccartney)and break up (obviously not at this time). Secondly, regarding the interpretation of the lyrics (which I always though were completely straight forward), there is plainly no reference to her cheating on him and it clearly states they BOTH went back to London.

dave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/10

apparently dave doesnt know much about the beatles... this song actually depicts well what happened between lennon and his wife. the references to the different cities where the two had their famous anti war bed ins.

A strange affair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

It obviously means that 2 lovers are going on a honeymoon over Europe. The groom (obviously John) is struggling to pay for the honeymoon and Yoko (strange name for a woman!) is losing interest. John consults the papers to try and help their failing marriage (?) yet Yoko has an affair with another man. John, who is very religeous, gives up and flies back to London.