Beatles inspired Williams in part of the Bad Boy lyrics | Reviewer: James Istvanffy | 11/13/13

Remarkably, when the Beatles cover someone else's song (such as Bad Boy) their version is better than the original and almost always better that anyone else can produce. Moreover, we have had 50 years of people trying to cover Beatles songs and it is extremely difficult for anyone to sound as great as the Beatles did in the 1960s even with modern advances in technology.
I am an instructor at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University and I have taught several courses on the Beatles, as well as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Best of Rock'n'Roll, Bob Dylan, etc.
One thing that needs to be pointed out about Bad Boy is the reference to the "get that hair cut off your head" which some believe have been inspired by the Beatles affect on hair fashions. It was the Beatles who inspired a generation of youth to grow long hair and thus some thought Williams might have been referencing the connection between Rock 'n' Roll and long Beatle-like hair. Perhaps John was attracted to the song because it made some fun of long hair and hair cuts which many people would recognize as being part of the social revolution that the Beatles were such a large leadership roll in the 1960s. However, the song was written in 1958 - long before anyone had heard of Beatles hair styles; for the record.

"The Best" | Reviewer: Lawrence Leon | 10/8/12

What can you? Nothing. Let the music and the sounds stand by itself. Ultimate "Beatle" flavor and hard core rock and roll. They say that the Beatles should have stayed as a great rock and roll band. ??? I don't know about that because they created such lyrics and music we all would have missed out. Cheers!

Beatles, Bad Boy/ Slow Down | Reviewer: liverpoolnovelist | 10/1/12

Lemonadepieband, thinks John wrote Bad Boy in 6 mins!!. Sadly, good as it is,and it is very good, it was written by Larry Williams, as was Slow Down and Boney Maroney. Just goes to prove though that a good rock&roll song in the hands of great performers will always sound superb. You can see where the Beatles had their grounding and, where their influences lie. in the way they handle earlier stuff. i.e. Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Long Tall Sally, Kansas City, Roll Over Beathoven, Anna, Boys,Rock&Roll Music, etc, etc,Like all of us growing up in Liverpool in the 1950's, the great American Rock&Roll song book made post war austerity bearable and had us saving to buy guitars. What a great compilation album they would make,Could sell millions.

Tumbling Dice band, Larry Williams | Reviewer: Ed Kamposek | 12/18/10

I agree with just about everything everyone's said, but want to add a few things. First, this is probably my favorite song to dance to. If you live anywhere near Cleveland, OH, there is cover band that does a great version of this song that you should see. Their name is Tumbling Dice. They also regularly do what is probably my 2nd fav song to dance to, "Slow Down." It turns out that both of these songs were originally written and performed by Larry Williams, in 1959 and 1958, respectively. I once heard his rendition of one or the other on a college (Baldwin_Wallace) station program that plays _really_ old and obscure stuff. There is no doubt in my mind that the Beatles' version is far superior. We should still give Williams credit for coming up with the songs. They inspired John to come up with versions that were truly amazing.

I LOVE THIS SONG! Definintely a fav - check out for my band doing this | Reviewer: | 10/27/10

This is a seldom heard Fab song - one of thier best...and grtiiest. The lyrics are very rock and roll and a bit dark (too bad for the canary and cocker spaniel.....and the little girl, the teacher, his mom didn't have fun around 'junior' ...did I leave anyone out? - John didn't). I wonder what the circumstances were when he wrote this....probably took him 6 minutes - wonder if he knew that new fans would be falling over themselves over his little 'dittys' 40 years later, and likey forever... Great job, Johnny

okay so i'm only 14 but | Reviewer: rockahula lulu | 8/22/10

the beatles are my ultimate favourite band ever.. my dad used to play their songs to me on his acoustic guitar and sing to me when i was young and i used to sing along, i have a dvd full of literally EVERY beatles song ever.. and i gotta say i love john's voice on this,
the lyrics really portray john as a child/teen, and i love that about it..
rock n' roll music is my life! and i wish i could have been alive to hear this in it's era with everyone around appreciating it as it should still be appreciated today!

Awesome!!!! | Reviewer: Addie | 7/29/10

I love this song!!!! :D It is one of those hidden gems that are just so great. I agree with the person who said that you can almost hear the grin in John's voice. I love this song, how John sings it and how it is played-- awesome guitar!!!! The Beatles will always be the best bad!!!!

Hidden Gem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/10

This is one of those overlooked Beatles songs that no one's ever heard of, which is a shame, because it's fabulous. It starts with an amazing guitar riff and fits John's voice like a glove-- you can almost hear the devilish grin in his vocals. Also has some great example of his famous psychedelic scream.

Great tune | Reviewer: LesSmith | 2/19/10

This is a great tune by the beatles. No doubt they are in my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time. Have you hear George Thorogoods version of this song? It is on one of his live albums. Now i am not comparing George with the beatles. But Thorogoods version just rocks. George takes all the old songs and rocks them out with a slide guitar and a whailing sax. It sound so good. A little more refined than the original. I am not taking away from the original that is a sign of a great song when someone covers it an makes it in my opinion a better song. That is because i love a whailing sax and slide guitar.

i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: UNoHoo | 11/26/09

so obviously the beatles are my favorite band of all time. But anyway i really love this song i just wish it was more appreciated! for anyway who hates this song- you need to see a therapist or a doctor or SOMETHING!!

lotsa folks now-times don't know this one, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

the Capitol album that contained this -- Beatles VI -- was among the several my Dad and brother brought home the day they bought our family's very first stereo. my life changed that day -- I was instantly hooked-for-life, and this song was certainly one of the reasons why. absolutely smokin' Lennon performance. I think songs like this probably offer the best, most accurate sense of the raw energy and elemental urgency these lads could deliver, from even before they began recording in earnest. Lennon himself later spoke of the magic they generated in those early times -- like a true rocker -- as the height of what they did. folks are free to disagree, but that's saying something.

Beatles truely Rock & Roll | Reviewer: J.J. Pearson | 4/23/08

This is, (to me) one of the great classic rock & roll tunes of all time! The chunky intro, (with George ripping out a couple of Chuck Berry' esk riffs) the hard edge Lennon Vocals topped with McCartney's sweet harmonies (at the tail end of the lines in the last verse) it's got everything you need in a Rock & Roll song; Simple, short & sweet. You know, one of those songs that when you listen to it you don't want it to end, like trying to eat just one B.B.Q peanut! once you have it you can't stop having more... once you hear this song you gotta pull out the whole Beatles library and listen to them all!!!
Thank-you Gentlemen.

brill | Reviewer: bozo craven | 6/21/07

wot a vocal from lennon, this deserves to be on the radio at least once a day all around the world.