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The (long awaited) answer to your question is no, there was no criticism to this song when it came out in the 60's, because the only people who would criticize this song, must, logically, be deaf, and deaf people cannot talk so well (no offense to anyone on the world wide web who is deaf), so even if they did criticize, no one would listen.

The point is, it didn't get criticized, because its impossible to criticize. Taste the pain, taste the shame.

answered your question about critisism | Reviewer: annyr | 7/9/09
"The Beatles back in the USSR song is massively influenced both by the songs that Brian Wilson wrote for the Beach Boys and from the music of Chuck Berry. The Beatles and the Beach boys had a lot of respect for each other, with Wilson and McCartney being inspired by Rubber soul and Pet sounds respectively.

In 1968 Paul met up with beach boy Mike Love while hanging out in Rishikesh in India. Much of the Beach boys songs had been inspired by the track 'back in the USA' by Chuck berry, and Mike mentioned that it would be a cool idea to write a song in the same vain but inspired by the good things, and beautiful girls in the USSR. Hence the references in back in the USSR to the girls in Georgia and the Ukraine.

Interestingly, in the USA there were lots of complaints about the lyrics of the back in the USSR song, as people saw it as the Beatles supporting communism and of Russia having places better than those in the US. The Beatles reply was that they were trying to support rock 'n' roll and that their songs were for everyone in the world.

On this song paul takes over lead vocals and plays the rock 'n' roll style piano and lead guitar. George takes over from Paul on the bass. "

Was there criticism for this beatles song in the US | Reviewer: David Gill | 4/10/08

I am just wondering was there any criticism for this beatles song in the United States when it was originally released in the 1960's? if anyone knows could they please post a reply on this website?