WWhat U Think U Hear | Reviewer: Beatle Baby | 4/5/13

I don't think there's any slamming or poking fun at Brian Epstein here. The word "fag" in America is a slur against gay people, and Brian was gay. However the Beatles and Brian are British and in the UK "fag" denotes a cigarette. "Fag" used to mean that in the USA as well but now it just means homosexual. A "fag" in Britain was a slang word for "cigarette" then and nothing else and it holds true today.

The other version of the Truth | Reviewer: JB | 6/3/12

Those of us alive at the time BYARM was released in mono on a single in June, 1967, know that "rich fag Jew" could be clearly heard at the end of the record It had nothing to do with John being mad at Brian. John often poked fun of Brian's sexual orientation and Jewish heritage. If you study a timeline of Brian's activities in 1966 and early 1967, you'll find information that will explain both John's and Paul's lyrics that are references to Brian. John's adding of "rich fag Jew" at the end was his way of saying, "Brian, if you haven't figured out this song is about you, here's proof. Love, John." As to why you cannot hear it now, here's my opinion: What was meant as a private, inside joke in June of '67, may have been considered tasteless in August, 67, the month Brian died. Subsequently, this line was initially masked for the MMT vinyl album, and virtually eliminated on the remastered CD. I guess you have to take my word for it, but just as surely as I DON'T hear it on the remastered version, I DID hear it on the mono, single vinyl (the original, not the later pressings).

Relax people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/12

John loved Brian. They Beatles were never the same after Brian died. John was also a huge joker. If he did say rich, fag, jew, it was because he was poking fun - not being a prejudiced homophobe. Think about it - John Lennon was the most peaceful, open-minded dude ever.

This song is all about Brian | Reviewer: Apple Scruff | 5/15/12

John and Brian were at odds with each other, When ever they did a gig Brian would be paid part by check and the rest by cash and Brian would carry that cash in a brown bag. This was done to avoid paying massive taxes. That is not legend that is true fact. John was mad at Brian about something and he wrote this song and in the very last chorus in the fade out John does indeed say " Baby you a big fag jew" this is also not legend but indeed fact.

Song is Scripture | Reviewer: Gianni | 12/31/11

This song can be regarded as a scripture of the late ‘60’s with hidden meanings like ancient Persian and Indian scriptures. *One* interpretation is that your wealth as “a rich man” is spiritual wealth. In the phrase “You keep all your money in a big brown bag inside a zoo,” the “inside a zoo” is a rhyme for its deeper meaning: “inside of you.” =Your spiritual wealth is kept inside you. “One of the beautiful people” simply means one of the self-realized people. “Now that you know who you are,” you know that you are really spirit and you’ve traveled as “far as the eye can see” – the spiritual eye.
Was it really written with these meanings in mind? I think this question misses the whole point of the presence of hidden meanings and who actually does what.

Which album is better | Reviewer: Palaver | 12/9/11

I appreciate that taste is a very subjective thing, but to say that Magical Mystery Tour was better than Sgt. Pepper is a stretch. While they're both VERY good, I, and so many others, believe that Sgt. Pepper broke so much more new ground. If you were actually around when it was originally released, you'd be able to better appreciate the impact it had back then.

Compared to Sgt. Pepper, MMT was "Just another Beatles album." You know... a couple of killer songs, and decent filler.

ya know what's great about songs? | Reviewer: kittenkilla | 10/11/11

free to interpitation. i hear the song as someone who comes acrossed a fast fortune of any kind (not just money) or anything of any value and changes just as fast for the worst. maybe that's what john meant to tell Brian Epstein? i don't know. but chances are 'yes.' but i gotta listen for the fag jew part. that's wrong but funny at the same time.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Luke | 7/12/11

The lyrics are Baby you're a rich man too, except for like one time or so when John threw in "Baby you're a rich FAG jew" He was singing it about Brian Epstein, because he was jewish and he was gay. But otherwise, I love this song tons

what the hell? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/11

You really have to be deaf (or listen to some kind of a shitty rip of the song) to think that it's "fat jew" instead of "man too" in the chorus. That, or you're pathetic losers who spend all the time looking for controversies that don't exist.

"Rich" from all that acid | Reviewer: Acidic Beatle | 6/18/10

Being a "Rich Man" is metaphorical of being apart of a greater group of ocncious humans; they're lyrics refering to the psychedelic way of thinking; provkoked by LSD during the 60s.

"How does it feel to be
One of the beautiful people?
Now that you know who you are"
Is this not clear?

What a controversy | Reviewer: ßìk.. | 5/22/10

Keeping the 'rich fat jew' fracas away,the song is so good that even the upcoming generation would like it.Personally I feel,the album 'Magical Mystery Tour' was better than 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

Know Your Beatles Songs! | Reviewer: DJ Beatle | 4/21/09

Hey man, know your Beatles lyrics! The song was actually a combination of two Beatles songs and was originally released as a B-side to "All You Need Is Love." John actually wrote the song to poke fun of Manager Brian Epstein who was Jewish and also gay. John's lyrics in the last stanza is "..You're a Rich, Fag, Jew..."

Baby you're a rich ___ ___. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

When the Beatles released Magical Mystery Tour, a friend of mine said he heard the lyrics of the chorus as "Baby you're a rich fat Jew". My friend was Jewish. I had never considered his interpretation before, but in all the years since I can't hear the song without "hearing" both "rich man too" and "rich fat Jew". I don't know if I'm alone in this, or if it's a more common experience. I have no resentment of Jews, and never believed the Beatles did either...