Definitely Marianne Faithful | Reviewer: F T R | 8/31/13

Sorry to disappoint, but this songs is certainly a reaction to a boastful Jagger. It was never really a secret then or now - not sure where these other interpretations come from.

It is a fantastic bit of songwriting, not least because the beauty of the song deceives you into hearing poetic imagery - I totally get why you do that. But it is what it is - a "throwaway" song like John said.

John is the Bird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/12

I believe John wrote this song as a reaction to John's father suddenly showing up on his doorstep after a long period of no contact (20 years). Bear in mind that the last time John had seen his father was when John was only 5 years old; it was at this last meeting that John's father forced John to choose between his Mother or Father. That's pretty dramatic for a five year old.

John is the bird.
His father shows up only after John is gaining fame (after realizing his bird "John" can sing).

You've seen the Seven wonders (John feels his father is well traveled)

and your bird is green (John feels the reason his Dad showed up is money)

when prized possessions start to way you down (John's reference to how his Father reacts when it's no longer convenient to hang around "he abandones them"

look in my direction, I'll be around (John takes humor in his Fathers assumption that he can waltz right back into his life)

When your bird is broken will it bring you down (John's asking his father if once he realizes the relationship is forever broken, will it make him sad)

You may be awoken (Johns way of describing that his father may be surprised that John wants nothing to do with him)

You tell me that you've heard every sound there is, but you can't hear me. (throughout the song John is saying can't get me, can't see me and this is the ultimate slamming of the door on his Father. Hey Dad; you may have heard it all but after 20 years of being away, you certainly can't hear me)

I've never heard or read that John wrote this song due to his Father's sudden return but it's my gut feeling based upon the the song and timing of events.

The Real Deal... | Reviewer: AME125821 | 11/13/12

This was a song about John's wife. For John's birthday one year, she bought him a bird cage, and it was the point where he realized Cynthia just didn't understand him. So, he wrote this song about her. "You don't get me" "You can't hear me" are directed towards her.

your bird is green | Reviewer: sandy laveda | 6/9/12

John said about the bird is green. i think green means money. this song tell that we have a friend, and this friend proud about his/her richness, but John said to him/her if someday you lost your richness (when you lost your prized possesion), then John said, "i'm as your friend, will be there for you" even this friend is arrogant. how about that? agree? ;)

The real story | Reviewer: jokerman | 1/17/12

stop blowing your mind over hidden meanings.

there was no secret reference, no dedication, and no girl, just as there was no spoon.

the song is a simple reference to a popular (1950's Britain) Andersen fairy tale called 'The Nightingale'.

paul? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/11

i had heard that this may have been a reference to paul. on paul's first LSD trip he had claimed that he had seen the seven wonders, which john referenced in the song. and the recording of revolver was when tension between john and paul began to increase. but honestly, i think any interpretation is possible. all the beatles loved joking around and giving different answers to the same question, john especially.

The name of the girl is...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/11

This song was written and sung by John Lennon for Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Lennon refers to Jagger's "bird" which was slang for girlfriend in England in the 1960s. The girl in question was of course Marianne Faithful who could indeed sing and released several singles in the 60s.

The bird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

The bird is frank Sinatra people... He got the award for best singer and lennon was hoping to win that and his response to this was by making this song... You people dissapoint me and all real beatles fans

"Bird" was Marianne Faithful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

...or however you spell it...yeah, I read in Wikipedia and the Autobiography (one or the other or was it both?) that it was a dig at Mick Jagger, whose "bird" at the time was a singer...thus "and your bird can sing"...part of the ethernal rivalry...but there is no rivalry, really: Beatles rule, fuckers!

an answer | Reviewer: beatlesfan | 4/3/10

a questio? -
I think that I think that green was John Lennon's fave color...& that the song is about a girl that he is upset with because he's rich and she's living off of him.

Luv da beatles 4-ever

yes | Reviewer: yassy | 11/24/09

i think what they are trying to say is that some ppl just dont open up theyre eyes bacuase they are blinded by theyre material things and dont notice the people in which are really there for them. materials things cannot save ppl only eachother. but those ppl who fall into that state of mind where they are consumed by materials still need someone special on the outlines. some ppl just think they got it all but do they really have someone to care for them. we all should. even if some ppl push us away we should be there when they need us. they will open theyre eyes once they loose it and need someone we should be there

One more interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

Here is my take, from a consumate beatles fan...I think John is only singing about a girl he fancies and she is not impressed. He is reciting her..."you tell me that you've got every thing you want, and your bird can sing(like everything...even your bird can sing" but you don't get me (tough luck I am not impressed with you). Then he says well when you need someone(your prize posessions weigh you down)let me know and I 'll come round...I'll be there when you are ready.

Love George's guitar lead!

LOVE ALYSSA | Reviewer: Mike | 7/16/09

Who ever Alyssa is who wrote . . .

"Here's the deal, the beatles wrote their music for everyone to interpret them their own way and for everyone to apply them to their own lives their way. That's the point. There is no right or wrong. It just is. So as once said by the famous four-some.. "let it be"."

Thank you for actually understanding the Beatles.You are so right, and if there's any chance will u marry me?

STOP | Reviewer: Alyssa | 6/28/09

Here's the deal, the beatles wrote their music for everyone to interpret them their own way and for everyone to apply them to their own lives their way. That's the point. There is no right or wrong. It just is. So as once said by the famous four-some.. "let it be".

thanks | Reviewer: anon | 6/18/09

ok thanks very much.. yeah i get the idea behind it, i was just thinking whether it was dedicated to someone special and had something more in the background, so this theory about phil spector actually does sound quite possible...thank you both