my understanding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/09

hello. i just wanna say im a big fan of the beatles! (: and i dont think that the beatles meant "bird" as "girl" in this song. i just think by them saying "You tell me that you've got everything you want And your bird can sing
But you don't get me, you don't get me" is them saying- you've got all that and bag of chips sort of thing. yano, like you can have all that but you can't get him. i dont know if this will make sense but thats just my point of view on the lyrics.

At last! And Your Bird Can Sing makes sense! | Reviewer: Kenny Z | 6/13/09

Hey, all. There's been a rumor floating around for years that "And Your Bird Can Sing" was about Phil Spector who, at the height of the Beatles' career, had already distinguished himself as an iconic record producer. John Lennon apparently was playfully telling Spector that, despite all his success, he still never got a chance to produce the Beatles. This is ironic because after the breakup Spector became John's producer of choice (including the cleaning up of the Let It Be tracks).

Consider also that in the mid-60s Spector was married to one of his singers, Ronnie of the Ronettes. She is the "bird," which is British slang for girl.

Think Spector and all the imagery makes sense: the prized possessions (his life of excess), his bird Ronnie, and hearing every sound there is (Spector's famed Wall of Sound). This song takes on even more poignancy now that Spector is in prison for murder. Sadly, Lennon is no longer 'round to comfort his friend.

and your bird can sing | Reviewer: anon | 6/14/09

ooh i agree! they're not as significant here in my country as they are for some englishman or an american, maybe, 'my' people know their songs but there was no such thing as beatle-mania here, even in their time, so not a lot of people still listen to their songs, let alone owning a record! i've known their music (at least the biggest hits) since i was a child, (well, who doesn't?) but it has not been until recently that i started exploring their other songs and something just moved inside of me and i realised how well their music connects with me and how i experience life right now. and i am very open-minded person regarding music and i do appreciate lots of musicians/bands and different styles of music but everytime i hear the beatles i just get this funny but very pleasant feeling, as if i share something very special with people that love the beatles as much as i do, no matter what their age, nationality,(...)is. it's just something i can't share with my closest friends (who i otherwise share my music taste with) but could with some 50-year-old from another country), for example. even though i wasn't born until 1991 i can still feel what they wanted to give to the people and i am very thankful for that!
smile and enjoy every second of your lives!

a question | Reviewer: anon | 6/14/09

oh, and i have one more question.. since english is not my mother tongue i sometimes have some problems interpreting english lyrics, especially by english (british) bands: what does ''her bird being green'' mean? i understand that ''bird'' is sometimes used for a girl (so i'm not even sure why does he say that HER bird is green, is singing..., instead of her BEING a bird that sings..?) but can't quite work out what does it being green mean? i thank anyone who will help me out, and i do apologize for mistakes.

Laura | Reviewer: Candice Brown | 5/30/09

Wow. You have literally written exactly how I feel about them, to a tee. I was born in '93. It's amazing how they have been able to unite people from everywhere of all ages to feel so strongly about one thing. And concerning our mutual wishes of being alive during Beatlemania, I have found an idea to help cope: although we will never be able to meet them all today, or attend their concerts, we have the benefit of seeing the whole picture. We can fully understand how they've changed the world, we can appreciate their music and their spirits in this current world of crap, and we can have experiences like singing and dancing to their songs with a Beatlemania veteran.


George Harrison | Reviewer: Fernando | 3/4/09

Hi Laura! Great paragraph! I am 33 and love the Beatles too. But I also liked them at your age too. John is my favorite as a Beatle but George was my favorite as a solo artist. I think his music was the deapest. When George died that was the only time ever that I cried for a celebrity or public figure.

to Laura Powers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/09

Dear Laura, as someone born 10 years before you, I have to say that The Beatles will live as long as someone born in 2004, and in 2014, and in 2064 will laugh, cry, and love... on their life path along with The Beatles.

Thank you.

I love the Bealtes | Reviewer: Laura Powers | 12/29/08

This song is absolutely amazing in every way, as is all of the Beatles and their songs. They can make me happy just with their voices, their smiles, theirs laughs, and their amusing dance moves when performing. The world without the Beatles is like a swimming pool without water. I feel as if i was born in the wrong generation and I look up to everyone who survived Beatlemania. I would give anything just to be living during their time. I even cry over John and I say I miss him so much, even though I wasn't born until '94. And I wasn't aware of Georges death. I guess I was busy just appreciating their music and singing their songs on karaoke and not understand the Beatles as human and.. I am rambling on, I'm aware. Sorry, but I do love the Beatles!
Elvis is dead; long live the Beatles.

The Band....And That Bird.....Sang Like No Other | Reviewer: Tom Kinsolving | 8/13/08

This relatively simple, short song never fails to light up my world, if not just for its relentless, spectacular melody. Yes, John may have detested what he dismissed as a "throw-away song," which is baffling. In some ways, hearing such a stark putdown from The Man himself, about HIS OWN CREATION, could very well put a damper on appreciating it.....nonetheless, it will always and forever be a Beatles classic--from an album that ranks as one of their finest.