One of my favorites | Reviewer: Kaushik | 5/2/12

In my opinion, this is second best song after Hey Jude of 'The Beatles'.

I have written a song (dedicated to my girlfriend) inspired by this song.

I Love You

I give you all my love
That's all I can do
If you feel the love of mine
I'd feel good
I love you

I miss you so much dear
Donno how to say
If you'd heard my voice
I'd feel good
And I love you

Some days ago
I asked the stars
to shine brighter
for you, my love

I wrote a song for you
the things I do
If you feel it's wonderful
then keep saying
I love you too

I wrote a song for you
the things I do
If you feel it's wonderful
then keep saying
I love you too

And i love beatles | Reviewer: HaTi | 11/26/10

I know this love of mine will never die....

if i could have met Paul i would have thank him for writing and singing this song...this song is adorable....and this is not only my favorite Beatles song it is also my most favorite song ever.

and i love them.........:)love Paul.....

Greatest! | Reviewer: UltimateBeatlesFan01 | 1/20/10

This song is soooo perfect. When I started to listen to The Beatles more, like around Sept. 09, I listened to this as one of my firsts. Can you believe that just by playing Beatles rockband got me loving The Beatles?

superb beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/09

It was only at the end of 2008 I started listening to Beatles.Had heard much abt them,some said they were famous as Jesus(Bt never Mind u).I must say they r superb,And this song especially so simple in music and words speaks the toughest of minds.Great work beatles u will b remembered for very long endlessly in comming times

My Mother's Favorite! | Reviewer: Susana | 7/9/08

I'm not a fan of the Beatles, but when my mother was around 15 years old, she used to listen to them all the time! If I had been born around those times, I'm sure I would be doing the same thing :D!

best song | Reviewer: breanna | 5/17/07

i love this song especially because my boyfriend dedicated it to me......