Paper bag writer | Reviewer: Louis M. Contreras | 2/17/13

I'v converted to beatle music when I was five and never seem to have lost interest of their magical sound. They simply have their own style of music that can't be replaced by anyone else. It freshens my mind and rejuvinates my heart. Their songs lets me take a peak of the world they describe and its a awsome world. All you need is love is a special song that leaves well in some people's lives. It was not meant for everyone, just those who listen to it well and appreciate the concept of what it says as described by Lennon and McCartney.

Love Is All You Need, is really a protest song. | Reviewer: Roman C. | 5/29/12

I always considered this song as a strong sneaky protest song against the vile evil of this world. The song starts off as an innocent solo with; "There's nothing you can do that can't be done" then builds up a creschendo inspiring the many into acting against the vile by declaring out loud, "love is all you need." The many become united in a common interest and become encouraged to fight as one against tyranny, oppression, persecution or intolerable stupid rules and regulations in a peaceful protest. Many students in the late 1960's that were inspired by this song, protested any outdated stupid rules by the local Governing Authority and were harmed and some killed by Police and the Military which only enraged the people to protest even more to change the existing tyranical rules and, altered the course of events and History, for the betterment of mankind and are now in place because of those brave souls that were moved by "Love is all you need." Roman C. 57 years of age and a proud Beatles fan.

hi | Reviewer: I LOVE THE BEATLES | 5/26/12

I would also like to say that the first song i heard from the beatles was elenour rigby julia<wich is my favorite song> and i cryd. Not beacouse of the lyrics but how John sang it and the instroments in the backround. Im only 11 but the beatles have changed my life. All of my freinds say There old, or , The Beatles are dead. So What!? And a teacher at my school says that the rolling stones are better. What?! The rolling stones are nothing compared to The Beatles. I dont even know how many stnes there are. But when you listen to The Beatles you can tell who is singing. Either Ringo, who has that vary manly version of singing.John, who has a very sweet way of singing that never changed. Paul, who sang a little girly but still good. And last but not least George, sang exactilly like John. And the last thing i love about The Beatles is that they are ariginall. They wrote there own songs. They didnt hire anyone to do there dirty work for them. ow! One last thing. Justin Beiber SUCKS!!He totally took The Beatles hair cut.
Peace. Love. The Beatles.

Hi | Reviewer: i love the beatles | 5/26/12

You guys are 13 and like the beatles? Well i beet you beacouse Im 11 and i LOVE THE BEATLES!! Your right, my freinds will just not understand about the beatles. This song is a pure example of how good the beatles are. Beacouse all you need is love. And that meens all you need to do is lov e the beatles. Ilove you Ringo!!

Love the fabs ! | Reviewer: May | 5/23/12

I'M 14 and i think that we don't need to be old to love them ! I'm happy to know that there are some youngs people who love them to :) I'm agree with everybody who wrote that the world must be made with only love. So, I'm agree with John ! and please, never forget to say "PEACE & LOVE", "ROCK'N ROLL" "imagine all the people living life in peace" Yeh, rock'n roll, peace and love, the beatles will NEVER DIE !

i agree | Reviewer: k | 5/4/11

i agree with UltimateBeatlesFan01 and Lacie Olson . I am 13 and The Beatles are my life. I love them. None of my friends understand. Love is all you need. It can't get any simplier than that. I am glad i am not the only young Beatles fan!

Love Forever | Reviewer: Caitlin | 8/23/10

Last Christmas, I really got into the Beatles. Ever since I started listening to them they have changed my life. I look at the world differently now. This song is amazing and so are the people who made it.

Dude, the beatles are so amazing. | Reviewer: .xjinxxthemisfit.x | 5/23/10

I grew up listening to the beatles and i know all the words to most of there songs. they are so amazing, i never get tired of them. Them and the who, omg i love no mattter what. and i listen to alot of strange music, and its a really diffrent for me, but it doesnt change the fact that there awesome. ROCK ON MAN!
.peace, LOVE, brains.

Love is All You Need | Reviewer: UltimateBeatlesFan01 | 1/20/10

I'm only 11 and I think that really all you need is love! It really came to me just when I was listening to it. Most people at my age would be like, all you need is love? What are you a hippy? But only TRUE fans can understand what impact this song made on my life!

^.^ | Reviewer: Kayla | 12/30/09

I love how they constantly are linking their songs together. Many of their songs make reference to other songs they have sung in the past and this one is no exception. Another thing I find interesting about this particular song is its incorporation of many other tunes that are completely unrelated in the background. Such as 'In the Mood' being playing by the saxophones at the end.

simple and yet powerfull song | Reviewer: Tom | 4/22/09

I have come to listen to the Beatles not long ago. Every music they made is very relatable and entertaining. But i Belive this is one of the most important song of theirs. It starts with a sound familiar, almost like you are in a Circus, a good feeling, and it continues to be that way... the lyric is impressive. most Love it i guess... and i'm one of them.

I Love THem | Reviewer: Biggest Fan | 12/16/08

I have been such a fan of the beatles since my cousin introduced them to me i love this song and it really influenced me to find myself and who i really was....if i could anyone to be my friend it would be the beatles because they changed my life. I have a lot of their songs and more then half of their lyrics. I really want to meet them... it would be a dream come true. I am 15 years old. And my saying is..."Peace baby peace, it's all about the peace...keep it real!" They taught me a lot and so did this song.

The best band of the 60s & 70s | Reviewer: Lacie Olson | 10/1/08

i always loved to listin to music that sets you free.Im 14 years old & no one i hang out with lstins to the beatels like i do...i have all the cds and posters every dream is to meet paul Mcartny & Ringo father listened to the beatles and ive listineed ever scinec
he passed away when he was 39 i was twelve his dream was to meet what ever was lift of the beatels. i live next door to goerge harrison in maui hawaii.he lived in a huge house in hana near Willy nelson and oprah wimfri..Goerge died before i even got to see him git his morning paper...Or yell ''good morning Mr. Harrison''in my english acsent
well my dream is to meet the to beatles that just so happened to follow up with all the lonley
if your friends wit any of the beatles tell them to come see my on Eastshore drive ,clearwater beach ,flordia

Another Work of Genius. | Reviewer: sarah | 7/26/07

Lennon has done it again. This beautiful song is another example of the peace he tried to bring to this not so peaceful world. He was a beautiful writer and him and his work will be remembered forever in the hearts of many. Bring back the peace!!!