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Performed by The Beatles

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All My Loving. | Reviewer: paulsimonismyhubby | 4/13/11

Great song! The lyrics are great to, welp, except for the part where it goes "I'll pretend I am missing, the lips I am missing." It's actually "I'll pretend I am kissing, the lips I am missing."

Other than that, very well done!

All my loving | Reviewer: Boom boom babies | 10/6/10

Really really really great song. I might even sing it to my crush someday. John actually does play a mean guitar in the back. But it says I'll pretend I'm missing the lips I'm missing… it's actually and I'll pretend I'm kissing the lips I'm missing. Just a minor error in the lyrics.

OMG YES | Reviewer: yoyopatschlomas | 10/8/07

This song as the power to make me cry with other body parts than my eyes, if you know what I'm saying. ;D

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