I love it... | Reviewer: ivan | 8/18/09

I love this song. It relaxes me everytime i listen to it. oh yeah, for those people who doesn't understand the phrase jai guru deva, it means "victory to God divine". "om" is the sound the monks make when they meditate.

Does it matter? | Reviewer: Rubber soul | 8/15/09

Why does it matter what "Jai Guru Deva OM" Means anyways? they are fantastic beautiful lyrics by themselves. Its a mystery to what he REALLY meant by them because maybe he wasnt thinking about GOD while he wrote this song. Who knows? But thats why i like it, its a mystery that cant be solved.

Cover of Across the Universe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

For those of you who like this song, you should listen to Libach's version of it. Liback is a German band that covered every song on the Let It Be album. Most of the songs aren't that great accept Across the Universe and Maggie Mae. ATU is just brilliant!! An all female choir sings it with minimal instramentation.
MM sounds like a German army marching song - also great.

LSD | Reviewer: Benjamin | 2/10/09

i can definitly see the LSD influences here..."open mind" "thoughts meander" "opened ears" "broken light dance before my eyes"

definitly reminds me of my LSD trip when the mind opens and you witness the secrets of the universe but can never translate what you see after the trip becuase it is so powerful. "restless wind in a letterbox" and then your trip closes with fantastic visions of rainbow light...

i love this song

"Jai Guru deva" means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/08

Jai - victory, Guru- the supreme teacher, deva- god
so, it's "Victory to my supreme teacher who's God"

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, in whose monastery in Rishikesh this song was inspired and composed by the Beatles, always had his spiritual Guru's name in his mind and taught the same to his followers.

slither wildly as | Reviewer: YB | 11/23/08

In the original version, the vocal recording quality wasn't perfect, but it was "slither wildly as" but it sounds and awful lot like "slither while they pass." Then people made cover versions with no ambiguity that definitely said "slither while they pass." Which is fine, I suppose, creative license and all that. Also, I have from somewhere another version on the song wherein John Lennon sings it with George on sitar, and the vocal quality is very clear, and he definitely says "slither wildly as." But if you listen to the original off Let It Be, and you (erroneously) think he says "slither while they pass," it will definitely sound like that, because it's kind of muddled.

Now I understand...! | Reviewer: Chris | 8/16/08

Across the Universe has been one of my favourite Beatles/John Lennon songs since I bought the Let It Be album the day it was released. But I could never get all the lyrics. I finally had the idea to google for them - and found this site. I previously assumed that "Jai Guru Deva Om" was a slurred "Like a new-oo day a". Now I finally understand it's just another nonsense lyric to fill out the tune. All is finally explained.

CORRECTION* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

Om cannot easily be translated as a single English word. It is used as the most sacred word in Indian thought. It represents the birth growth and death of the Cosmos. It is also the Vibration / sound of the Cosmos literaly.If you could step outside the Universe and listen to it that is what you would hear. The Yogis hear this in deep meditation. One way of thinking of OM would be Alpha-Omega. From OM all the English words like Omniscience, Omnipresence are derived from. Deva means Divine , this is where the English word divinity comes from. Do you see the Sanskrit roots that have shaped our English words?

no | Reviewer: beatles fan | 7/31/08

to correct the comment below mine-
jai guru deva om does NOT mean "nothing's gonna change my world." it is a chant. jai guru deva means like "Victory to God" and then "om" can't really be translated to english, but it's a word that is used in meditation and stuff.

...please | Reviewer: Gianni | 4/16/08

If your going to talk about how great this song is, and all that, get the lyrics right..."They slither wildly as they slip away"...

And Jai Guru Deva Om means...
Nothings going to change my world...

For those who don't understand...

yes it's true | Reviewer: carly | 2/27/08

On the soundtrack of Across The Universe and on the movie he says "They slither while they pass they slip away." but the original song (which I just listened to on I-tunes)he says "they slither wildly as they make there way across the universe" so therefore I think it's not such a crime because they changed a few words...

Nothings going to change my world | Reviewer: ec! | 2/25/08

Does it really matter what the exact lyrics are? I mean seriously. You hear it the way you want to, not the way somebody else wants you to. Just listen, and think of it your own way.
And yes I'm one of those people who watched Across the Universe and fell in love with the Beatles. I really don't think it should matter how you became to like them.
Such a good song though! Kudos!

What the?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/08

This is probably the worst attempt at transcribing lyrics I have ever seen. There are plenty mistakes, as people have pointed out... but where the Hell did they get "James gonna devive, them,"??? I've always known it as "Jai guru deva om"

Anyway, with that said, this is such a great song.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Jet | 2/9/08

I've heard "They slither as they pass they slip away" and "They slither wildy as they slip away". Actually, the latter is very distinct on Bowie's cover. I don't listen to the Beatles much, but this is an outstanding song. Lyrical genius.

nothings gonna change YOUR world | Reviewer: lennon | 1/12/08

whatever you want to sing,
sing it with your heart, what does it matter if you get the lyrics right or wrong, if you have good intent. Its going to be okay whether you say they slither widly as they slip away or slither while they pass.. maybe its all wrong.. but its still the beatles.