music | Reviewer: music | 7/28/14

I was after the music that is on the whole Album - By The Beatles and the Album is a Classic: Abbey Road! Please all the Songs on the album! Please Download the Songs! Thank You So Much!

Simply perfect | Reviewer: RonB | 2/20/14

This is such a wonderful album and arguably the best of The Beatles works. It is such a mix of moods, but really comes alive with the under-rated George Harrison piece - Here comes the Sun, setting off a delightful medley of bright melodies. The use of instrumentation brings out the music in its best form of late 60s innovative music.

It is sad that this was the last to come from the Fab Four, but what a finale! Do yourself a favour and listen again if you haven't for a long time - and on LP.

Album Of The Millennium | Reviewer: Mr. B | 1/29/11

This album, and the boys who wrote the material are totally and utterly amazing to me, not just because of the unbelievable craftsmanship: the Beatles layered and created their sound like a fine Rolex watch or a Faberge egg.

The real genius is that this stand alone music existed amongst the " perfect storm " of events of a) the convergence of their musical brilliance, b) superimposed with their love and care of humanity, c) juxtapositioned over the the technology of the times, and most importantly d) existed during the geopolitical nexus we were at in the world: the Vietnam conflict, civil rights, man on the moon, John, Bobby, and Martin, and the Berlin wall. The Beatles were earth movers , and deserve to co- exist with the accomplishments of Jesus Christ, Galileo, Mother Theresa, or Caesar crossing the Rubicon. They were truly were earth movers, and will doubtlessly be studied as such in the year 3075.

Abbey Road... My music! | Reviewer: Giorgios | 11/21/10

Every Beatles album is so cool. This one is a must have for music lovers. Words cannot match the music, it has to be heard. Proves that even though the four of them made great music post Beatles, together they trancended the music of the spheres.

The whole effort of the album | Reviewer: Z-man | 11/6/10

Been listening to this album since it was cut, it has never deminished.. Just by playing it without any infuence, my daughter is 24 and jams to it.. I am a retired Marine now and with all the nonsense created by some of the douche bags we live with now it reminds me of a simpler world, life was alot better then.. By far and no one can really argue it, the best B side of an album ever produced, thanks guys for making a whole generation think..

The best album ever recorded | Reviewer: Javier | 8/3/10

I've heard Abbey Road by the end of the 70's for the first time and it was an instant musical surrender!! The whole record still speaks by itself. Plentifull of guitars (there's practically no song not remarkable for it's guitar works, electric-lead or rythmic- or acoustic), unmatched basslines (heavy and inventive in "Cometogether", so strong in "Oh darling", fast and dexterous in "I want you", biting in "She came in through the bathroom window" sum, have you ever heard a love ballad with such creativeness and melody in its basslines as in "Something"?!), original drums ("Cometogether", "Oh darling", "I want you" "The end" are good examples), their vocals at ther best and unforgettable lyrics (though not necessarily their highest point in lyrics, with "Something", "Octopus garden", "Here comes the sun", "Because", "Golden slumbers" and "The end" is enough!!).I actually couldn't have imagine no better lyrics to close such a decade (era?) as "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you made", they still reach us in this days!!

# 1 Beatles Album | Reviewer: Carly | 6/1/10

This is by far The Beatles' best album in my books. The fact that from Because and on it just comes together is probably my favourite thing about it, but also the fact that the music is utter and pure genius is what makes it their best.

Best album from the greatest band ever | Reviewer: GCL | 4/28/10

Didn't think much of it when I listened to it for the first time some 25 years ago - but have since then come to the conclusion this is probably their best album ever. Every Beatles album is unique and priceless, with a dimension all its own - Rubber Soul's haunting melodies - Revolver's power - Sgt Pepper's scope and sprawl - Magical Mystery Tour's (sorry purists) lyrical whims - The White Album's introspection - Let it Be's deceptive immediacy --- but Abbey Road is the Middle Way - masterfully produced and realized, it represents the Beatles in a nutshell - the best band ever at the pinnacle of their powers - having the best album cover ever doesn't hurt either. Fitting swan song from a band that influenced the whole world with its music in a way that we will probably never know again.

Best All Time Album | Reviewer: Louis | 2/2/10

Every time I listen to the medley I like it more and I have been listening to it for over forty years for hundreds of times. I feel so emotional every time I listen to it. No other band can possibly do an album even close to this.

Thank you Beatles for the good memory.

Favorite album of all time | Reviewer: bullfrog | 9/23/09

I am 32 years old, and first listened to the album in the late 80's when my dad was trying to record it on casettes off his old 8 tracks. When he got everything on the cassettes I listened to that casette till it literally would not play anymore. Of course my dad was super pissed, but I made it up to him by buying him and the family our first CD player, and of course ABBEY ROAD on the digitally remastered CD. Moved away, got married, got a baby boy, and my Dad and I still listen to it all the time when we "Come Together"

Brilliant. | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/12/09

Talk about finishing on a high note, there's not a bad song on this album.

Even though 75% of the group hated Maxwell's silver hammer, I'm so glad it still made the cut.

I doubt there will ever be a medley of eight songs that flow as well as You Never Give Me Your Money through The End.

I personally thing ending with Her Majesty is brilliant, even if it wasn't originally the intention (it was originally between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene part of the medley)

I only have one complaint, and that is the fact that I Want You (She's So Heavy) is cut off at the end on the LP. But I'll live, and continue listening to it, over and over.

The Best From the Best | Reviewer: Robert | 10/6/08

Outstanding, nothing I would add or change. This is how the Greatest Band of all Time should bid farwell. The Beatles are one of the main influences of my life. I am grateful for the body of work they created and the people (Sgt. Pepper, Eleanor Rigby, Mean Mr. Mustard etc)and the places (Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, A Boat on a River) that they have shown me. I Love them One and All.

With Love From Me Two You,


Abbey Road Review | Reviewer: Joel C. Macasinag | 12/28/07

Abbey Road is the best Beatles album. All the songs from the beginning to the end will speak for itself.

It is also known as the last work that the Beatles recorded as a group.

Honestly, I don't think that the album needs to be just has to listen to allthe songs and one would instantly agree that it's the best Beatles work.

best album ever | Reviewer: eva | 8/13/07

this has to be that greatest album ever to be released. except for the last non song "her majesty" which is very very lame.