Hello and thanks | Reviewer: Cassie! | 3/4/14

Thanks for the (mainly) correct lyrics I had to analyze the heck out of this asong for school. Oh and BWAHAHAHA trying to find a meaning to I am the walrus would be impossible its a bunch of basically jibber jabber (awesome jibber jabber I love that song) but I dont think there is any meaning or “secret code" in it. And this is coming from a 7th grader.

THE FAB FOUR | Reviewer: Mantle | 8/13/13


Really? | Reviewer: TheFoolOnTheHill | 7/29/11

First of all, the lyrics are wrong, and second of all, you people who think the song is about chicken or something, stop. Just stop. The song is straight and perfectly cut. IT HAS NO FLIPPING SECRET MEANING!!! IF YOU'RE GOING TO TRY AND DECODE THIS SONG, THEN GO WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO DECODE I AM THE WALRUS! SEE IF YOU CAN FIND A "SECRET MEANING" TO IT!!

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Ama-li | 4/11/11

I would just like to make a comment on the lyrics here.. They are wrong!
At the ending, right after "Owwww", the correct lyrics are:

So why on earth should I moan, 'cause when I get you alone
You know I feel okay
When I'm home everything seems to be right
When I'm home feeling you holding me tight, tight, yeah

- You can hear it for youselves if you press "Play" in the right side of the page.. :)

Actual reason... | Reviewer: Kat | 6/30/10

I actually know the answer; as I saw it on a Beatles' documentary, so thought i'd put an end to all the wrong speculative answers here. Ringo was always getting sayings wrong and happened to say 'it's been a hard day's night' for which the rest of the band thought was amusing, and an apt name for a song. There it is. Simple as that.

Uhmm | Reviewer: SheSaid | 5/23/10

I was under the impression that Lennon thought it was daytime, and upon seeing that it was nighttime, he added'night' Maybe it was Ringo. But it's a simple, clear-cut song, and it came from a comical accident.

A hard day's night | Reviewer: HEY | 2/23/10

Yeah, when Ringo came out of the studio he was probably going to say something like, It's been a hard day's work or something. He said, "it's been a hard day's-" But Starr noticed the time (nighttime) and added, "night." Lennon liked it and made it a song.

Just Give Up Already... | Reviewer: Jess :D | 11/25/09

There's no "deep" meaning to this song.
It's all plain and clear in what they're saying.
A man has been working all day and is really tired. He knows he should be sleeping but his wife is "giving everything" to him. (If ya know what I mean. ;D)
There you go. There's no "Da Vinci Code" in these songs, or whatever that crap is about...

hard day's night | Reviewer: mike | 8/7/09

i think this song is about a man who works everyday to support his wife and give her whatever she wants, and he has to work like a dog to do it. but when he comes home to her its all worth it because she gives him everything (aka sex and love) "why on earth should i moan? cause when i get you alone, you make me feel okay." so its about his girl.

Obviously | Reviewer: Turkeeto | 1/26/09

This song is about chicken. If you're working in the kitchen all day making delicious chicken, then you're really tired and want to sleep, but the chicken is so good you stay up eating it, and then you feel good cause you had a good dinner. duh.

Sex | Reviewer: Leo | 1/16/08

It is so clear to me. The guy who had a hard day is thinking about how his wife make him up. He should be sleeping because he worked so much, however, his wife do incredible things that avoid him from sleeping like a log at night...

Milinda Kodikara, you have to much time on your hands | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/07

Mlinda you have way to much time on you're hands.You're a complete nutjob. It was the sixties , there were a lot of wierd names. Want to decode them too? (lol). Get a job!

A hard *day's* night | Reviewer: Andy | 10/27/07

Note the apostrophe after day - it denotes the possesive form - so the night belongs to a hard day. If you have had a hard day - and you are exausted that night - it's a hard day's night.

That's what it means to me anyway. I've been singing this song a lot lately as I find the beatles great for sending my 5 week old off to sleep - this one seems particularly appropriate / effective!

explain the tilte "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" | Reviewer: Chris | 9/4/07

Well, it's not a code or a secret, or anything like that.
It's just an (wrong) expression Ringo used to say after the finished a tired day at work, but when they get off the studio after being there from 10 in the morning he'd see that it's dark so he turned to the others and said "It's been a hard day('s night)?After seeing the dark" It's all Ringo's, John just use it because he like the sound of it, like another song "Tomorrow Never Knows", (1966, REVOLVER), that was also Ringo's words...

Secret code? | Reviewer: Mike | 8/8/07

Well... Maybe it was Jesus. Then again, maybe it's just a song. You'd think Jesus would have something more important to say other than complaining about working... You suppose Jesus is really a big whining slacker?