Reviews for Manic Monday Lyrics

Performed by The Bangles

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Another beautiful creation of Prince | Reviewer: CrystalDream | 11/26/10

I truly love this song, the music, the voices and the great songtext written by the amazing musician Prince... This song makes me forget all those manic mondays time and again.
Like you mention, a song you never get fed up hearing...

I thought it was throroughly pleasing. | Reviewer: kavisha | 6/25/10

I thought on the whole it was beautiful. It really lifting my spirts and i enjoyed singing to it around the campfire. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the festivity as a whole.

Yours sincerly


The Brilliant Bangles | Reviewer: Yvonne Bingley-Bloom | 4/21/05

I love this song and have done ever since it was released. It is one of those songs that you never get fed up hearing.

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