Ingenious and unique | Reviewer: Damon Schwartz | 1/9/09

The lyrics of "When You Awake" are wonderfully evocative and imagistic but still ambiguous enough to pleasantly nag your interpretation. Musically, it has the fragrance of piney woods and back-country roads, but the key is nearly as ambiguous and tantalizing as the lyrics, taking us from E-major to D to C and back again without ever sounding "weird." It's an ingenious composition and a great, signature song of The Band.

Dancing with the Band | Reviewer: liz kirby | 7/16/07

This is truly a delightful toe-tapper that tugs at the heartstrings as most of The Bands ballads do. Simple and impeccable lyrics and musicianship that evoke some old time wisdom but with a light, "twinkling-of-the-eye" style to it. Love their country-pop, almost hillbilly diddies. A 70's treasure!