Jy Clain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

WoodstockJon, the name is definitely Annie, not Fannie... though I do like the name Fannie, as it was my grandmother's name.

To me, this song is about a traveling mad making his way through the south. The imagery conjures up scenes of dusty paths of bygone Dixieland...

I always listen and imagine someone going back to places he had been before, in his youth, and all the characters he meets.

So explain it's meaning? | Reviewer: johnwwwatson | 1/7/08

Is it about the South, The Civil War, Vietnam, Religion, Woodstock, or Drugs?

A musician friend told me sometimes the music comes before the lyrics and the words are just filled in. Don't read between the lines, just enjoy it.

The Weight | Reviewer: Chuck | 9/25/07

One of the ALL-TIME great rock and roll songs ever written. I'd put it easily in the TOP 5 of all-time.
But, like one of the previous reviewers I'd like someone to go through each verse and explain the meaning. We think we know what the meaning is but I'd sure like to get a few other thoughts.

The Weight | Reviewer: Chris Matenga | 6/24/07

Robbie Robertson is a classic song writer and his penning of The Weight is no exception to the ability of his contribution to The Band and what they stood for.It was The Band whom I felt made Bob Dylan,not Bob Dylan who made The Band.

What the?? | Reviewer: Randy | 5/30/07

I have always loved this song but even after reading the lyrics i still dont get what the hell he is talkin about. Can someone help?

The Weight correction | Reviewer: Beth | 5/15/07

The lady in the song's name is Fannie not Annie...It's "Take a load off Fannie"

The Weight " Worth the Wait " | Reviewer: WoodstockJon | 9/11/05

Knowing a Fact does not always make a man right. But if knowlage is power.... ( and "They" Do Say it is), then these are STRONG WORDS !!! Garth Hudson is " The All Time Greatest Rock & Roll Piano Player of all Time" !!! Rolling Stone says this and there have never been truer words spoken or in print !! Live Long and stay healthy Garth ! Much Love Brother!