Somethings are better not to said | Reviewer: Lesotho, Maseru | 8/15/13

Like most of people, I fear death and it's scares me a lot. but the rhythm and the whole parkage of this it pushes me to rewind it again and again and again. It is so nice to listen to.

Mom and Jaynie | Reviewer: Megan | 7/11/12

I lost my mom in Jan 2010 when she was only 34 and I was 14. Then 22 months later, in November 2011, I lost my 3 month old daughter who had been born prematurely because of health complications that I had. I only got to hold her a few times. Her name was Jayne Elizabeth, and I called her my Jaynie girl. This song makes me think of both my mom and my sweet little Jaynie. I miss them both so much and I've cried every night since losing Jaynie. I can't have them back, and I can't be with them, and I wonder what the point to it all is?

if i die young | Reviewer: Ryan | 6/12/12

i hate thinking about that song i have always had a big big big big fear of dieing love but its still my fav song and why cant they make a happy song every sond band parry makes is a sad song i dont know why

People really do die young | Reviewer: Nia Chapman | 6/8/11

This song chills me to the bone. I have always had a fear of dying young. People do die young everyday. Heres to all the kids with cancer or born with aids. Or anyone who had to loose a child before their time. So many families who have lost someone before their time R.I.P