Great song with a great history | Reviewer: Volker L. | 4/25/13

It was through this song that I learned about the Wadsworth poem and the story of the expulsion of the Acadian settlers. By the way, Garth Hudson is the only other surviving member of The Band.

A day late.... | Reviewer: Calli G. | 4/12/13

I only just purchased the Last Waltz a couple of years ago and
was astonished at Emmylou's voice. I'd heard it before but this
song emphasizes her ability to hit those high notes with not so
much as a strain or facial expression. Effortless, perfect. Of
course, The Band was awesome, as always. Those guys are/were
really talented. Is Robbie the only one left?

Emmylou Harris | Reviewer: Amazing Grace | 1/6/13

I first saw/heard Emmylou Harris in 1973. She was the opening act for a more famous performer. Young, beautiful, and the voice of an angel. She harmonizes beautifully with everyone--just one of those voices that blends seamlessly. She is on the Dan Fogelberg Innocent Age album, and they sounded amazing together. I saw her in concert as the main act a couple of times, and I swear I would pay to hear her sing Three Blind Mice. She totally nails Evangeline.

One "Evangeline" legacy | Reviewer: JNey | 6/5/12

"Pat" married Jack at 17. The young couple were transferred to Morrero (below New Orleans) in the oil field--@ 1960. They survived hurricane Betsy, but in 1966, the following winter, Dennis was killed there in the oil field.
I married his oldest son, Jackie in 1993.
19 years later now, I learn, as I watch "The Band", where this songs came from, and why it has NEVER disappeared from my memory--how she sounded when would hit on that song. She didn't know the words, at all, except the "Evangeline" part.
Only now, do I understand what that song meant to her.

Nice piece of art for a movie | Reviewer: salmon | 5/26/12

This song reflects how Cnl. Slade (Scent of a woman) is feeling when he realizes he might be by himself during Thanks Giving holiday given that Charlie might have screwed up the "job interview" and Slade will not be able to carry out his plans for the holiday. When he dismisses Charlie, he turns up the volume to "return to the dumps" where he probably is. This is IMHO.
By the way, does anyone know where to get a free download of that great piece of art, Evangeline? I love the song. Thanks beforehand.

JDD | Reviewer: Jerald Daughrity | 12/19/11

My great grandfather was a gambler along the Texas/Oklahoma Red River, so I was attracted to this song. The Band has always been my favorite group and they make this song sound like you are there. This next fall my wife and I plan a trip on a Mississipi riverboat, and explore the graves of our long ago relatives in Tennessee. This song inspires me more.

perfect song, sad demise | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/11

an incredible piece of work, but lets not give Robbie too much credit. He is the only member of the band who had the foresight to put his name on songs written by the whole group. He and Scorcese are the only ones to get diddly out of that movie,while other members die broke and addicted or suffer through brutal cancers. Shame robbie.

A Three-Dimensional Piece Of Music | Reviewer: Frederick Wemyss | 3/25/10

I'm referring to the version on Emmylou Harris's DUETS album, which, I think, is the same version heard in the DVD of THE LAST WALTZ. Not being a professional musician, I can only speak in generalities, but I can tell that the instrumentation is masterful. There is a sweeping quality which works very well with the lyrics. The boat is sinking and the instruments seem to be part of a gathering storm. Yet, it is also very light, perfectly conveying a sense that Evangeline was swept off her feet by the riverboat gambler. The lyrics are evocative without being over-detailed. The singing is great for a song about a couple. It is a duet and yet a dramatic one. Martin Scorcese's filming of the performance of this song in THE LAST WALTZ may be his best piece of cinema and I must say that, altogether, the people involved in the creation of this piece of music absolutely shine.

Eve angel line | Reviewer: hervégouinguenet | 11/24/09

I was a young french kid, back in 78 when i saw last waltz. I liked Emmylou, but never saw her before. I got struck, and never healed. that song could be put on the shelf of perfect pieces of music, beside mozart, bach, some beatles, and a few others... when she starts singing, you believe in heaven!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

This song is amazing. I love The Band and watched the Last Waltz late one night and this song, even more than "I shall be released" just got me. I adore it and Emmylou Harris, with her beaufiful hair and aura sings like perfect. I didn't realize Robertson wrote it, is that true? It sounds like an old standard, I've been searching for other versions of it because I just heard it on "Scent of a Woman" - anyone know what girl group sang it?

Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris | Reviewer: Ryan C | 6/22/08

I really love this song. I love the way the guys in the band all switch up on the instruments, I really enjoy Rick Danko playing the fiddle and Richard Emanuels silly drum style. It has a bluegrass/folk sound and the words paint a picture in your mind that is just amazing.Plus Emmylou and Levons voice together is just magic. Plus emmylou was kind of hot back then!

A true American legend | Reviewer: Joanna | 5/11/08

It's always been gratifying to hear "Evangeline", by the Band or EmmyLou Harris (both are excellent) not just because it's a great song, but because it immortalizes one of the often overlooked folk legends that is truly American. It's a mystery why most people in this country have never even heard of the legend, nor the great American poem by Longfellow. We need more artists like the Band and Emmy Lou to help us keep these important links to our history alive.

Origins | Reviewer: Tera | 2/9/08

This song was written with thoughts of the poem "Evangeline" , and not really about the South. The poem was originally about an Acadian woman (The Band being mostly from Canada) who was separated from her French husband after the Great Expulsion. They were both forced out of Acadia and lived separate lives in the British controlled colonies. Many ended up in the south...cajuns.

One of my favourites | Reviewer: Paige | 1/17/08

I first heard this song on the "Last Waltz" disc and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. It's truly a testament to Robertson's incredible writing ability. It's a shame that The Band doesn't get more credit for their work. This song captures the essence of the South in the early 20th century for me. It's defiantly one of my favourites.

Emylou Harris | Reviewer: Joe Ronald | 10/15/07

If you love this song and haven't seen the Last Waltz you have to get it. Its the bands last concert and Emmylou Harris sings like an angel in this song. Its amazing.