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Performed by The Arcade Fire

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beautiful | Reviewer: emily | 9/26/09

I think this song hits people in a lot of different ways and while I can't say anything for it's meaning (I don't look at songs like that) I will say it made me cry the first time I heard it, on the Where The Wild Things Are trailer. I think as a senior in high school, where all the responsibilities of being an adult come down on you and you're trying to get a job, finish school well, etc, it kind of... I don't know. It makes me want to be little again. Where I didn't have to care so much. It's simply a beautiful song. Definitely one of my favorites.

Beyond Amazing | Reviewer: Nessa | 9/22/09

This song blows my mind everytime I hear it. These lyrics are wow.
"Children wake up,
hold your mistake up,
before they turn the summer into dust."
Basically to me it's about taking responsibility for you're actions. My brother yelled at me the other day and said thos words to me, and i understood them so much better than ever. Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands and I hope to see them asap. :)

Children's Innocents | Reviewer: Gonzo. | 9/11/09

For some reason this song makes me think of the opposite of what most are saying. It makes me want to retain my innocents that I had when I was little and want to regain that little world I lived in since once we grow up we get big egos and become afraid to admit we're wrong but as a child we don't really mind.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Rachael | 9/7/09

I am a Christian, and I am from Texas. So I slightly understand Win's upbringing even though he was brought up Mormon.

Despite his and my differences in political and religious views, I still think this song is beautiful.

My faith is mine because I believe it, but I know plenty who are brought up forced to believe in "religion".

Religion is the lie. The fire and brimstone, gays go to hell, white power, shun the non believer crap that some even today still teach is wrong...and that is what that song is to me...

It's a reflection of the lies parents feed their children so that they may listen to every word they say and not figure things out themselves.

beautiful ache | Reviewer: Lorissa | 8/31/09

I heard this song on the preview for the movie where the wild things are. I cried when I heard this song. I have heard arcade fire, but this song and these lyrics blew me away. It is one of those songs that makes your heart ache and makes you want to show everybody and keep it to yourself at the same time. It just makes me cry for some reason. It is beautifully written. Like I said it is a beautiful ache. Love this song. Hats off to the writers of this song. Going into one of favorites list.

a the songs meaning. | Reviewer: Robert | 8/13/09

i had never really put much thought into the songs meaning because i was so obsessed with how tonally appealing it was to me. but upon thinking about the song and reading the lyrics, i feel like this song is about religion. Because this was such a touched on subject in their other work, it seems that its the appropriate meaning.

For me, when he states "something filled my heart with nothing" hes stating that religion filled him with something that he now believes isnt true. in other words, empty promises. but as he grows up, his mind becomes more critical of the religion that he had believed in so blindly his during his childhood.

then basically he just says, realize that your wrong, admit it, and live life free of the "restraints" of religion and live life to the fullest.

that's what i got out of this song.

Indescribable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/09

This song hits me hard, i dont about everyone else but what it says to me is to live your life to the fullest and if you make mistakes that nobody is perfect and it just speaks to me..... Sends chills down my spines, makes me experience every emotion all at once.

Sometimes I laughed; sometimes I cried. | Reviewer: Freefalling | 7/28/09

Please allow me to share a brief experience.

I have read all the comments/reviews for this song - particularly those after and regarding a certain negative criticism.
The negative, opinionated, and reasonably fallacious remarks against the band and this song did not have the effect, I believe, as the one the writer intended. - I felt like a child, becoming a boy, and unable to express his angers, and fears, and disagreements to those who needed to hear it. It felt like the third verse.

I continued to read the response. It wasn't unanimous, but it was sufficient. It was a triumph, a faithful uprising against a faulty depreciation of a simple and understatedly meaningful song. It felt like a boy who had never been as good at baseball as his brothers were, hitting a good one over the infield and scoring a run. It felt like the transition, when the song reaches and touches your hand.

Please don't believe this as dramatic as it sounds. I believe you will understand my words.

Or perhaps you will understand if you listen to the song, in the dark, with your eyes closed. It brought a lot of memories back - of being the third boy in my family to play baseball, the third boy in my family to be in the orchestra and sit first chair.

Excellent song. I truly hope you enjoyed my reverie.

Incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/09

This song is tragic, hopeful, beautiful... and you don't even need to pay attention to the lyrics in order to grow goosebumps. Any song that can do that to me, well its an insanely beautiful thing that music can create that kind of happiness. I am so happy to have found this song.

elitism vs. arcade fire | Reviewer: Stella | 7/19/09

A while back, a reviewer posted some less-than-appreciative comments about Arcade Fire. He notes that Arcade Fire is "pretentious" and "mind numbing". He also states that he is a music student, as if people unstudied in musical theory are unqualified to judge music. While this is totally untrue, I would add that I am also a music student and disagree with him completely. First, I would like to say that this song the opposite of pretentious. It is charming, clean, and refreshingly straightforward. It is extremely easy to empathize with, and appeals to its audience on a number of levels. Its numerous rises and falls are stimulating, but the song keeps its theme throughout and never rambles. The reviewer also disdains in the "amusing novelty" created by their use of numerous instruments. Many bands use a wide array of instruments, and I can hardly call this a fault. Arcade Fire does so in a way that is creative and fun without being obnoxious or ostentatious. Instead, the diversity complements the band's varying themes.

The lyrics are formatted, which he complains about. If format is a flaw, he should perhaps take it up with Shakespeare, who wrote 154 rigorously formatted 14-lined sonnets with specific rhyme schemes and meter. The format of these lyrics do not make the song boring; they are a call-to-arms, challenging the listeners to shake off their worldly cynicism and retain/recapture their childish optimism and delight in the world around us. The beginning lyrics are somber and perhaps dark, but the song progresses nicely to something courageous and hopeful, and the chords employed leave the listener feeling empowered and inspired. A lovely song that both music students and music fans can love!

10/10 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

I completely agree with the comment below me. This song really strikes a cord in me and that cord struck may be different from person to person. I love this song; it makes me feel happy, empowered, and energetic. It's genius!

Where The Wild Things Are theme song | Reviewer: Mario | 7/14/09

Emotional Predator - Love it!
I found this song to be extremely emotionally moving. The guitar gets your attention like a child at the beginning and gets you prepared for chorus line that strikes your emotional confidence by stripping down any conscious awareness and of course moving you in to tears.

Music to Life Synchronicity | Reviewer: Eric Rodriguez | 5/22/09

This song has such a strong emotional tone that even if you don't understand the lyrics, the musical harmony upd and downs can parallel with someone's life. This alone will can subconsciously strike a personal cord. If you notice the song starts with small steps, then gets complex, it reaches a struggle, then you can hear resolution and almost triumph at the end. Think about the parallels an abused person would feel simply hearing this musical harmony.

-Eric R

WhereTheWildThingsAre | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

I don't clearly understand what they may mean, but who cares? It does make me feel rather happy though. You don't have to fully understand what the artist is trying to say. Music is simply music. I think people just get too caught up in trying so hard to disect what the band is singing, but it never comes out. Arcade Fire was feeling something at that moment, and this was the product. You didn't really feel the same feeling.

Anyway, I love this song. I'm no huge fan of them, but they sound really great.

Ah the age old argument. | Reviewer: Heligoland | 4/16/09

Can we examine that whole idea of pretentiousness though, in liking something? I'm pretty sure that pretentiousness is really just when some band has a particular label of indie-ness or intellectualism or hipness or whatever: something that REQUIRES listening (and also non-criticism) from it's audience because of its status. I think we can all agree this is a bad situation to be in, for both listeners and band.

If you don't like something admit to it, and if you do, admit to it, is a good general rule to go by.

Personally, I liked this band the moment I heard it. There is such a thing as taste, and it could just not be some people's bag. Yet, or perhaps ever, because there is no linear ART ROAD that we all travel on towards one end goal. It's a web, though the starting point in the middle tends to be more universal, the cliche stuff we all get bored with early (the yummy phase where all you like is sweets, and can't appreciate anything else). Though like the occasional sweet as an adult, going back there occasionally isn't so bad either --remember hipsters-- as long as it doesn't fray too bad on your cliche wire.

The second album didn't do it quite as much for me, but they were both a changing experience (mood-boosting, hair-raising inspiration), which is rare and something I seek out in music.

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